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7" Extended Play
All The Sixties Chart Entries

The first ever separate EP chart was listed by
'Record Retailer' on 10th March 1960 consisting of
10 titles and the last was on 30th November 1967
which only listed nine due to the fall in numbers of
EPs being produced.Prior to the EP chart listings,
extended play records were listed on the singles chart, assuming sales were sufficient to register.
On the demise of the EP chart this practice was
reinstated until February 1969 at which time
EPs were no longer included

*Artists are listed alphabetically by the first letter of
the artists name ( excluding 'A' and 'The' ).
Where a title appears to be repeated it is a
different release with the same title. Re-releases
and re-entries are not included
although they are in the calculated statistics. The year given is the original
release year and the position given is the highest
that recording achieved at any time in the chart.


Sound playing is a midi version of 'Apache' by The Shadows

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red discs to see some great biography, discography and picture pages by other authors. These are mostly on the singles pages at present

Brief EP Chart History:

10th March 1960

First EP chart listing top 10 titles

17th March 1960
List increased to include top 15 titles

24th March 1960
List increased to include top 20 titles

The top 20 titles continued to be listed until:

14th April 1966
List reduced to include only top 10 titles

The top 10 titles continued to be listed until:

21st September 1967
List reduced to top 9 titles only

30th November 1967
Last chart listing top 9 titles only

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