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12 " LP (Long Play) - All The Sixties LP Chart Entries
- Alphabetically by Artist

List 1 - Named Groups and Solo Artists



List 2 - Miscellaneous Entries
To avoid a lot of confusion, the following LP chart entries are listed se
parately: Click on the red disc below for List 2

Anonymous Cover Versions
Compilation Albums
Film Soundtracks
Stage Recordings
Studio Cast Recordings
T.V. Soundtracks and Spin-offs

A Brief LP Chart History.....
2nd January 1960

LP Chart issued by 'Melody Maker' containing ten entries
26th March 1960
'Record Retailer' began issuing charts featuring 20 entries
16th April 1966
Chart listing increased to top 30
10th December 1966
Chart listing increased to top 40
15th February 1969
Chart listing reduced to top 15
8th March 1969
Budget chart / full price chart combined for 1 week only
14th June 1969
Chart listing increased to top 20
28th June to 4th October 1969
Listing increased to top 40 (only 32 LPs listed
on 9th August)
11th October 1969 through 31st December 1969
Chart listing fluctuated between 20 and 25 discs
Data Notes.....

Artists are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the artist's name ( excluding 'A' and 'The' ). Where a title appears to be repeated, it is a different release with the same title. Re-releases and re-entries are NOT included although they ARE in the calculated statistics.

The year given is the original release year and the position stated indicates the highest the record achieved at ANY time on the chart.

Some albums were issued in both stereo and mono. The chart rating treated both as the same version although they had different catalogue numbers.
For statistical purposes, if no chart was issued for a particular week the previous week's positions have been used. Also, all statistics are calculated from the Saturday of the week in which a particular chart was published.

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