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LP 12 " Long Play Albums
All The Sixties Chart Entries
List 1 - Groups and Solo Artists

*Artists are listed alphabetically by the first letter of
the artists name ( excluding 'A' and 'The' ).
Where a title appears to be repeated it is a
different release with the same title. Re-releases
and re-entries are not included
although they are in the calculated statistics. The year given is the original
release year and the position given is the highest
that recording achieved at any time in the chart.

Some albums were issued in both stereo and mono.
The chart rating treated both as the same version
although they had different catalogue numbers.
For statistical purposes, if no chart was issued
for a particular week the previous week's positions
have been used. Also, all statistics are calculated
from the Saturday of the week in which a particular
chart was published.

Some Miscellaneous LP Trivia

Dr. Peter Goldmark and William Bachman of the American Columbia Co developed the long playing vinylite 331/3 r.p.m. microgroove disc in the late 40s. It was announced to the press at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on Friday 26th June 1948 in both 10" and 12" formats. (PIC) The machines to play them were manufactured by the Philco Radio and Television Co of Philadelphia.

The first L.P. of any kind to sell a million copies was the original cast recording of 'My Fair Lady' issued by Philips in May 1958. The first classical music L.P. to sell a million copies was Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1 by Van Cliburn. By 1961 it had sold 1 million and 2.5 million by the end of the decade.

In June 1950 Decca issued the first LPs on the U.K. market, made of 'GEON', a tradename form of vinylite.

To avoid confusion, the following
LP entries are listed separately:

Anonymous Cover Versions

Compilation Albums

Film Soundtracks

Stage Recordings

Studio Cast Recordings

T.V. Soundtracks and Spin-offs

List 2 Miscellaneous Entries

Click on the disc

Brief LP Chart History:

2nd January 1960
LP Chart issued by 'Melody Maker' containing ten entries

26th March 1960
LP charts began being issued by 'Record Retailer' featuring twenty entries

16th April 1966
Chart listing increased to top thirty

10th December 1966
Chart listing increased to top forty

15th February 1969
Chart listing reduced to top fifteen

8th March 1969
Budget LP chart combined with full price LP chart for one week only

14th June 1969
Chart listing increased to top twenty

28th June 1969
Chart listing increased to top forty

9th August 1969
Only 32 LPs listed in chart

11th October 1969
Chart listing reduced to top twenty five

8th November 1969 to 31st December 1969
Chart listing fluctuated between twenty and twenty four discs

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