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These pages are dedicated to the music, artists, groups and vinyl hits of the Swingin' Sixties and list EVERY entry into the British Singles Top 50 chart, LP Album chart and Extended Play EP chart during the 60s. Not only that, but I now also have possibly the most comprehensive 60s chart listing on the internet with the Top 20 singles chart for EVERY WEEK of the entire decade now complete and available so you can find what was 'Top Of The Pops' for any specific date. Information listed includes artist, title, label and chart position.
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Choose from the list below for A-Z listings, Chart Statistics, Quizzes and Trivia.
All entries are sorted alphabetically by artist, each giving the title, performer, year of entry and the highest chart position reached. If you want more about the Sixties - movies, events, television, pirate radio, fashion, etc. then cruise along to the Sixties City index page from the link on the left!

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A misspent youth...

There are lots of lists, statistics and chart trivia for you to play with - facts that may interest and surprise you such as:

"Who was the most successful Singles chart artist of the Sixties?"

If you don't know, I really doubt if you'll be able to
guess! So check out the trivia section which
includes pages on artists' real names, their previous stage names and the jobs they used to do before
they found Pop Chart fame.
It also contains general Sixties music and pop chart info and
trivia, plus other Sixties music quizzes - there may be one or two 'teasers' in there, even if you think you're a 60s 'head'.

Well, some (including my parents, bless 'em) might call it that, but I had a really rockin' good time - nearly every song holds a memory of some sort for me!
Not because I was around much in the Sixties, well I was there of course, just not quite old enough to get the best out of it (as the saying goes, if you can remember it, you weren't there!) but as motorbikin' people in the Seventies we ate, drank, danced and dreamed Sixties music and Rock'n'Roll ! By the way - if you think you remember me from then and we've lost touch over the years, see my home page - Kyndamagic - for personal pics, some info and contact details.

listings seem to be quite rare on the net. If you know of another, not linked, please Email me to tell me where it is ! You will find periodic updating of the pages with the intention of eventually relating each artist to a relevant web site or page as I find them ( if they exist! - maybe you can help?) - I guess it's gonna take some time though, so bear with me.

Obviously, there are many copyright issues here and I hope, in the interests of Sixties music fandom, that there will be no objection to anything used on this site. Of course, if there is, please let me know and I will do my best to change it or negotiate something or other. Eventually I also hope to collect every single track that hit the top 50 charts - I have about 75% of them at the moment. If you see someone with his head in a box of old scratched plastic at a car boot sale it'll probably be me - come on over and say hello!

Here's a link to the Capital Gold site - Mike Sweeney does the most brilliant Sixties show I've ever heard - reminds me of Capital's Friday night 'Cruising' from years ago, but better, and every night!! You can email Mike from the Capital Gold website - use the left hand link. If you like Sixties stuff check out the times and listen to him. He also does a pretty good Seventies gig as well... maybe I'll do a 70s page... hmmm... anyway...
Make like the Beach Boys - " Let's get together and do it again! "

The Price Of Records in The Sixties - ever wonder where your pocket money went?

  7" Singles
  7" E.P.s
  12" Pop L.P.s
  12" Classical L.P.s
6s 3d ( 31p )
10s 11d ( 54.5p )
£1 14s 3d ( £1.71 )
£1 18s 3d ( £1.91 )
6s 4d ( 31.5p )
10s 11d ( 54.5p )
£1 14s 3d ( £1.71 )
£1 19s 11d ( £1.99.5 )
6s 6d ( 33p )
11s 3d ( 56p )
£1 14s 6d ( £1.72.5 )
£1 19s 11d ( £1.99.5 )
6s 8d ( 33.5p )
11s 6d ( 57.5p )
£1 12s 3d ( £1.61 )
£1 15s 11d ( £1.79.5 )
6s 8d ( 33.5p )
11s 6d ( 57.5p )
£1 12s 3d ( £1.61 )
£1 15s 11d ( £1.79.5 )
6s 8d ( 33.5p )
11s 6d ( 57.5p )
£1 12s 3d ( £1.61 )
£1 15s 11d ( £1.79.5 )
7s 2d ( 36p )
11s 6d ( 57.5p )
£1 12s 3d ( £1.61 )
£1 15s 11d ( £1.79.5 )
7s 3d ( 36.5p )
11s 6d ( 57.5p )
£1 12s 6d ( £1.62.5)
£1 17s 6d ( £1.87.5 )
8s 0d ( 40p )
12s 11d ( 64.5p )
£1 16s 9d ( £1.83.5 )
£2 2s 9d ( £2.14 )
8s 6d ( 42.5p )
13s 3d ( 66p )
£1 17s 6d ( £1.87.5 )
£2 3s 11d ( £2.19.5 )

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