Stage Shows and Unofficial Productions

1974 - Thunderbirds - the stage show

Stage Three

15th April 1974 to April 1975

A stage puppet show which was conceived and performed by series puppeteers Christine Glanville and Rowena White with the official permission of Century 21. They formed a company called Stage Three and toured U.K. theatres with the show.

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1983 - Thunderbirds 2086
( Science Rescue Team Technovoyager )
( Kagaku Kyuujo-Ta Technovoyager )

Japanese origination
U.S. version produced by Robert Mandell

24 x 30 minute episodes

This was a Japanese animated series, subjected to voice-over and released by ITC in English-speaking countries as Thunderbirds 2086. It used the Thunderbirds format with neither the knowledge nor involvement of either Gerry Anderson or Century 21. The International Rescue team consisted of some 17 craft and even used some of the music composed by Barry Gray for the original series. It was shown on the PRISM cable network in the U.S. and was released in the U.K. in 1986.

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1984 - Thunderbirds F.A.B.

Mime Theatre Project

A stage show devised by Andrew Dawson and Gavin Robertson, it contained characters from both Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, all characters, and even vehicles, being played by the two actors. It toured the U.K. in 1985 and subsequently went to Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.S.A. and Australia before returning to the U.K. in 1989 where it began its run at The Apollo theatre.

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1987 - Children In Need

Produced by Dirk Maggs

BBC Radio 2

Voice artists Shane Rimmer, Matt Zimmerman and David Graham were involved in this humorous, episodic story broadcast on 24th to 27th November 1987 in support of the BBC Television Children In Need appeal. The storyline found Scott and Alan Tracy rescuing Parker from the BBC record library where he had become trapped while trying to make a secret anonymous donation to the appeal on behalf of Lady Penelope.

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1991 - Thunderbirds F.A.B. - The Next Generation

Produced by and starring Paul Kent and Wayne Forester

This was a more elaborate version of the original stage show and also included characters from Stingray. It was revived in 1995 by Paul Kent, this time with Tristan Sharps, eventually going on tour with Richard James accompanying Paul Kent.

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1995 - Turbocharged Thunderbirds

Created by Robert A.Tercek and Sally DeSipio

Polygram / Bohbot

13 episodes

Following its acquisition of ITC, Polygram decided to follow up on the ITC cut-down episodes and went into co-production with Bohbot to produce this series. The show was live action mixed with re-voiced original footage and featured Roxette and Tripp, two teenagers who find themselves in a parallel universe peopled by puppet-like figures. They help the Tracy family to fight their enemy, The Hood, and his evil controller The Atrocimator.
Understandably, Gerry Anderson had his name removed from the credits. The series was shown on U.S. syndicated television but has, mercifully, never found its way to these shores.

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