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Gerry Anderson
Picture Gallery


Terrahawks cast members

Lt. Gay Ellis - U.F.O.


Troy Tempest - Stingray

Titan - Stingray

Gerry Anderson with Troy Tempest

Lady Penelope - Thunderbirds

Tex Tucker - Four Feather Falls

Lady Penelope

Thunderbirds Are Go! - poster

Thunderbird 6 - poster

Nina and Gay - U.F.O.

Thunderbird 5

Ed Straker - UFO

Supercar production model

Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 2

Virgil, Gordon and Brains in Thunderbird 2

Thunderbird 1

Lady Penelope and Parker in FAB1

Joe 90

The Mole - Thunderbirds

Venus and Steve Zodiac - Fireball XL5

Torchy the Battery Boy

Gerry with Parker and Lady Penelope

Gerry Anderson with FAB1

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

Ron Embleton's Captain Scarlet

Gerry Anderson with Thunderbird 1


Marina - Stingray

The Protectors

Fireball XL5

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