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Gerry Anderson Programmes - A Production History
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Born Gerald Alexander Abrahams on 14th April 1929, Gerry Anderson has used his unique imagination, perseverance and resolve to realise his dreams, giving us some of the most wonderful programmes in the history of children's TV and making world-wide household names of many shows including Thunderbirds, Stingray and Fireball XL5, to name but three.

His productions are also responsible for many ingenious innovations, widely used since, in the world of cinematography.
I had the pleasure of meeting him and some of his original production staff on Saturday 18th April 1992 during his national 'Thunderbirds' tour and I would like to say that not only is he a creative genius with genuine time for his fans and an extremely entertaining narrator, but also a helluva nice guy!

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      Gerry           Anderson

I have found that many sites give conflicting information, even Gerry's official biography!
The following production history is, as far as I can ascertain from a fair bit of research, fairly accurate.
If you are aware of any documented omissions or inaccuracies, please e-mail me. Thanks!

 Linked programme guides are the creation of other authors - please visit their main sites which are listed in the links section.
In most cases, where no direct link is indicated on a particular production,
further information may be found on the excellent
Fanderson site listed in the links section.

For anything to do with Thunderbirds I cannot recommend highly enough
'The Complete Book of Thunderbirds'
by Chris Bentley
( Carlton Books ISBN 1-84222-092-6 )
Every Anderson fan should have a copy!


The Gerry Anderson   Production History Guide

The beginning.... 1946 - 1955

In 1946 Gerry Anderson began as an Assistant Editor at Gainsborough Studios where he worked on 'Caravan', 'Jassy' and 'Snowbound'. His career was interrupted by National Service but in 1949 he returned to the industry at Pinewood Studios where he worked on 'So Long At The Fair', 'The Clouded Yellow', 'Never Take No For An Answer', 'South Of Algiers', 'Appointment In London', 'They Who Dare' and 'A Prize Of Gold' before leaving to work briefly at Polytechnic Films. When this went into liquidation in 1955 he co-founded Pentagon Films, later to become AP Films, (Anderson Provis Films) with Arthur Provis and some old Polytechnic colleagues.

1955 - 1966

1967 - 1979

1980 - 2000+

1955 - You've Never Seen This

1966 / 67 - Original Novels

Operation Shockwave - c.1980


1956 - Kelloggs Cereals

1967 - Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Five Star Five - c.1980


1957 - The Adventures of Twizzle

1967 - Candy and Andy

Super Space Theatre - 1981


1960 - Torchy the Battery Boy

1967 - Thunderbird 6

Terrahawks - 1983


1960 - Four Feather Falls

1968 - Doppelganger

T-Force - c.1984


1960 - Crossroads to Crime

1968 - Joe 90

Space Police (Star Laws) - 1986


1960 - Blue Cars Holidays

1969 - Secret Service

Dick Spanner - 1987


1962 - Fireball XL5

1970 - U.F.O.

Royal Bank of Scotland - 1987


1963 - Lyons Maid 'Sea Jet', 'Super Sea Jet', 'FAB' & 'Zoom'

1972 - The Protectors

Space Police (Star Laws) - 1989


1964 - Stingray

1972 - The Investigator

Parker's Day Off - 1990


1964 - Thunderbirds (series 1)

1975 - Space 1999

Calling Elvis - 1991


1965 - Concorde

1975 - The Day After Tomorrow

G.F.I. (Warming Warning) - 1993


1965 - TV Century 21

c.1977 - Intergalactic Rescue Four

Space Precinct - 1994


1966 - Thunderbirds Are Go

c.1977 - Starcruiser

Thunderbirds U.S.A. - 1994


1966 - Thunderbirds ( series 2 )

c.1977 - Ericsson

Lavender Castle - 1996


Stage Shows and Unofficial Productions

1977 - Alien Attack

The 21st Century


Gerry Anderson Interviews

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Other Interviews

Ed Bishop with UFO Magazine      Arthur Provis with Space Patrol      Ray Barrett with Thunderbirds Online

Jonathan Frakes with FilmForce      David Graham with S.I.G.      Fred Freiberger with Space1999


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