James Bond
of the Sixties

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Bond Spoofs

Operation Kid Brother1967

a.k.a.'OK Connery' 'Operation Double 007' 'Secret Agent 00'

Produzione D.S.

Directed by Alberto De Martino



Neil Connery
Daniela Bianchi
Adolfo Celi

Agata Flori

Bernard Lee
Anthony Dawson
Lois Maxwell
Yachuco Yama
Guido Lollobrigida
Franco Giacobini
Nando Angelini
Mario Soria
Ana Marie Noe
Franco Ceccarelli
Aldo Cecconi
Antonio Gradoli
Mirella Pamphili
Leo Scavini

A Bond spoof film, the best of several Italian attempts, which interestingly contains many genuine 'Bond' artists. The evil crime organisation Thanatos is planning to take over the world using a magnetic field generator that will stop all metal machinery. The top secret agent is not available so his civilian brother, Neil ( played by Sean's brother Neil Connery ), is pressed into service to save us. Multi-skilled in plastic surgery, lip-reading and hypnotism he finds his talents come in conveniently handy.


Various other 'super' secret agents saved the world on both the large and small screen during the Sixties, to a greater or lesser believable extent, but drew less directly on the James Bond stories than the two spoof films already listed. Because of the nature of the films you will find more Bond look-alike movies listed in my Sixties Science Fiction Films pages.

Strangely, the creation which probably came closer than a lot of these in character and which Roger Moore very successfully transferred to later Bond films wasn't a secret agent at all - The Saint - created by Leslie Charteris. 'The Baron' ( Steve Forrest ) was another small screen independent buccaneer in the same mould. Some more that spring to mind I've listed below.

Two feature films from Golden Era starred Tom Adams as Bond-style counter-spy Charles Vine, pictured below with Michael Cox.

Licensed To Kill ( 97 mins ), directed by Lindsay Shonteff and produced by Estelle E. Richmond, involved him in the protection of a 'suspect' Swedish scientist.
Supporting cast were Karel Stepanek, Veronica Hurst, Peter Bull, John Arnatt, Francis deWolff, Felix Felton, George Pastell, Judy Huxtable, Gary Hope, Denis Holmes, Billy Milton and Carole Blake.

Where The Bullets Fly
( 90 mins ), directed by John Gilling and produced by James Ward, had him pitted against super-enemy 'The Angel', messing up his plans to steal a secret nuclear powered aircraft and its fuel formula.
Support in this movie came from Sidney James, Joe Baker, Michael Ripper, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Maurice Browning, Bryan Mosley, Heidi Erich, Maggie Kimberley, Sue Donovan, Patrick Jordan, James Ellis, Tony Alpino, Gary Marsh, Peter Ducrow, John Horsley, Joe Ritchie, David Gregory, Dawn Addams, Wilfred Brambell, Tim Barrett, John Arnott, Marcus Hammond, Michael Ward, Terence Sewards, Suzan Farmer, Julie Martin, Tom Bowman, Gerard Heinz, Charles Houston, Michael Balfour, Michael Cox, Barbara French, Michael Goldie, John Watson and Roy Stephens.

Modesty Blaise
( Monica Vitti )

The President's Analyst ( James Coburn )

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ( Robert Vaughn and David McCallum )
( See Man From U.N.C.L.E. pages )

The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. ( Stephanie Powers and Noel Harrison )
( See Man From U.N.C.L.E. pages )

Harry Palmer ( Michael Caine )

Our Man Flint ( James Coburn )

Matt Helm ( Dean Martin )

Fathom ( Raquel Welch )

I Spy ( Bill Cosby and Robert Culp )

Mission Impossible ( Peter Graves and his team of specialists including Leonard Nimoy )

Honey West ( Anne Francis )

The Avengers ( Patrick McNee / Honor Blackman / Diana Rigg / Linda Thorson )

Danger Man ( Patrick McGoohan )