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Casino Royale - 1967
Columbia / Famous Artists

Directed by:
John Huston, Joe McGrath, Robert Parrish
Val Guest and Ken Hughes

Musical score by Burt Bacharach

Casino Royale

Peter Sellers  David Niven  Ursula Andress  Woody Allen  Daliah Lavi  

Casino Royale, although a send-up, was actually an 'official' Bond film as Ian Fleming had already sold the screen rights to the book before he signed the deal with Salzman and Broccoli for the other stories. Unable to interest them in a partnership, American producer Charles K. Feldman decided to turn it into a spoof on the Bond films where various actors play the part of Bond during the many, almost episodic, skits and sequences by five different directors in a very confused storyline bearing little relation to Fleming's original book.

James Bond, a 'retired' secret agent, is called back to service by the death of "M" and the imminent collapse of civilization hastened along by his old adversaries S.M.E.R.S.H.. They try to compromise him with seductive enemy agents but he manages to remain true to his task. Every agent is renamed James Bond 007 in order to confuse the enemy, including Woody Allen who plays Little Jimmy Bond.
Not a bad film in many ways but definitely not 'classic' Bond, which probably contributed most to its being hideously unsuccessful at the box office despite an incredible gallery of stars in the cast.

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Peter Sellers

Barbara Bouchet

Deborah Kerr

Orson Welles

Ursula Andress

Woody Allen

William Holden

Charles Boyer

John Huston

Joanna Pettet

Jean-Paul Belmondo
Alexandra Bastedo, Joanna Pettet, Barbara Bouchet
David Niven

Daliah Lavi

Kurt Kasznar

Jacqueline Bisset

Derek Nimmo

George Raft

Ronnie Corbett

Peter O'Toole

Geoffrey Bayldon

Duncan MacRae

Alexandra Bastedo
Casino Royale

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