James Bond
of the Sixties

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 Dr. No-1962  

Eon Productions / United Artists105 minutes

Directed by Terence Young

James Bond theme by The John Barry Orchestra



Sean Connery
Ursula Andress
Bernard Lee
Lois Maxwell
Jack Lord
Joseph Wiseman
John Kitzmiller
Zena Marshall
Eunice Gayson
Anthony Dawson
Lester Prendergast
Tim Moxon
Margaret LeWars
Reggie Carter
Peter Burton
William Foster-Davis
Louis Blaazer
Michele Mok
Dolores Keator
Yvonne Shima

Bond in Jamaica, investigating the liquidation of a local agent and some missing files. After recovering from the sight of Honey ( Ursula Andress ) rising from the sea in that bikini he unravels the secret of Crab Key and its strange fire-breathing 'dragon', eventually finding the SPECTRE-backed Dr. No.

The evil organisation's plans are halted by the ultimate timely
destruction of an atomic reactor which was planned to be used
to power a device for interfering with American space flight launches.