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Goldfinger - 1964

Eon Productions / United Artists

109 minutes

Directed by Guy Hamilton

Title theme sung by Shirley Bassey

James Bond in America ( after a saunter around Europe in his less-than-standard Aston Martin DB5). Auric Goldfinger, who has a passion for gold, plans to raid America's Fort Knox gold reserves by using a team of women stunt fliers, led by hay-loving Pussy Galore, to spray the area with poison gas before cutting into the facility using an industrial laser which Bond has already seen at a distance that was a bit too close for comfort. Once inside, he plans to detonate a nuclear device to vaporise the gold, thereby vastly increasing the value of his own holdings.

007 infiltrates the group and discovers the plan, leading a counterattack during the raid and, after a showdown with the amazing Oddjob in the vault itself, manages to neutralise the device with seconds to spare. Goldfinger meets his fitting end in a chilling manner during his 'escape' when he is sucked out of the window of a jet plane after the cabin depressurises. Which just leaves a somewhat contrite Pussy Galore for Bond to deal with in his usual manner . . .

Sean Connery
Honor Blackman

Shirley Eaton
Tania Mallet
Nadja Regin
Lois Maxwell
Bernard Lee
Desmond Llewellyn
Gert Frobe
Harold Sakata
Martin Benson
Cec Linder
Austin Willis
Bill Nagy
Alf Joint
Varley Thomas
Raymond Young
Richard Vernon
Denis Cowles
Michael Mellinger
Bert Kwouk
Hal Galili
Lenny Rabin


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