James Bond
of the Sixties

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 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
( O.H.M.S.S. ) - 1969

Eon Productions / United Artists140 minutes

Directed by Peter Hunt

Musical score by John Barry



George Lazenby
Diana Rigg
Virginia North
Lois Maxwell
Telly Savalas
Ilse Steppat
Gabriele Ferzetti
Yuri Borienko
Bernard Lee
Bernard Horsfall
George Baker
Desmond Llewelyn
Angela Scoular
Catherine Von Schell
Dani Sheridan
Julie Ege
Joanna Lumley
Mona Chong
Anoushka Hempel
Ingrid Black
Jenny Hanley
Zara S Henriques
Helena Ronee
Geoffrey Cheshire
Irvin Allen
Terry Mountain
James Bree
Virginia North
Brian Worth
Norman McGlen
Dudley Jones
John Crewdson
Josef Vasa
Les Crawford
George Cooper
Reg Harding
Richard Graydon
Bill Morgan
Bessie Love
Steve Plytas
Robert Rietty
Elliott Sullivan

This was the first Bond film without Sean Connery, but ably deputised by George Lazenby with the added attraction of the wonderful Diana Rigg. After being passed over for an assignment 007 hands his notice in, but agrees to think it over on holiday. Instead, he takes it on himself to locate and eliminate his old adversary Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas), catching up with him in a secret SPECTRE hideout in the Alps.

SPECTRE have trained and despatched a team of ( as usual drop-dead gorgeous ) girls world-wide who are each carrying a deadly virus with the usual intention of global blackmail.

Having wrecked his plans but seeing him escape yet again, Bond decides to get married to the heroine, Tracy ( played by Diana Rigg - pictured ) but she, and their happiness, are short-lived as Blofeld extracts his fatal revenge on the newly-weds.