James Bond
of the Sixties

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Kevin McClory / United Artists125 minutes

Directed by Terence Young

Title theme song sung by Tom Jones

Underwater sequences by Ivan Tors Underwater Studios




Sean Connery
Claudine Auger
Luciana Paluzzi
Martine Beswick
Lois Maxwell
Bernard Lee
Adolfo Celi
Rik Van Nutter
Guy Doleman
Molly Peters
Desmond Llewelyn
Roland Culver
Earl Cameron
Paul Stassino
Rose Alba
Philip Locke
George Pravda
Michael Brennan
Leonard Sachs
Edward Underdown
Reginald Beckwith

Bond in the Bahamas investigating the disappearance of a U.S. plane which has disappeared with two atomic bombs on board. He comes across the involvement of SPECTRE, this time in the form of Emilio Largo and his beautiful but unsuspecting ward, Domino ( Claudine Auger ). SPECTRE have arranged for the plane to crash in the shallow water of the keys and plan to use Largo's fantastic boat, the Disco Volante, to remove the two bombs which are then to be used for blackmail.

007 manages to thwart them again, leading a team of Felix Leiter's crack CIA operatives in a spectacular underwater battle before ultimately finishing off Largo personally in a fight aboard his out-of-control craft. The storyline is the inspiration for Connery's later film 'Never Say Never Again'