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You Only Live Twice - 1967

Eon - Danjaq / United Artists
116 minutes

Directed by Lewis Gilbert

Title theme sung by Nancy Sinatra

This was actually written by Ian Fleming as the sequel to 'O.H.M.S.S.' although it was brought to the screen first. James Bond, sent to Japan disguised as an oriental, investigates a sinister new threat to world peace. Ernst Stavro Blofeld is back with a space launch installation hidden inside the false crater of a volcano. The space vehicles plan to capture U.S. and Soviet orbital craft, pushing the superpowers into a nuclear war, each blaming the other. 007 discovers the location with the help of Kissy Suzuki, played by actress Mie Hama, and storms the launch site with a team of trained Ninja warriors, destroying the craft before it can be launched again .His troubles aren't over though, as the place starts blowing up and disintegrating around him . . .and in all the confusion, Blofeld escapes yet again.



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