Carry On


Carry On Regardless

Anglo-Amalgamated / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas

Producer: Peter Rogers

Screenplay: Norman Hudis

Music: Bruce Montgomery

Made at Pinewood Studios and Ealing

The incompetent, unemployed 'Carry On' team form an odd-job agency where they do anything for ( or is that ' to' )

anyone with their usual unchecked enthusiasm. The rib-tickling jobs include attending a wine-tasting, chimp baby-sitting and, ultimately, house demolition.

Shooting began 2nd January 1961

Debuts: Liz Fraser, Fenella Fielding, Tom Clegg


Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Bill Owen
Liz Fraser, Terence Longden, Esma Cannon, Hattie Jacques, Fenella Fielding, Stanley Unwin
Eleanor Summerfield, Ed Devereaux, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Cyril Chamberlain, Joan Hickson
Terence Alexander Norman Rossington, Sydney Taffler, Molly Weir, June Jago, Eric Pohlmann
Jerry Desmond, Jimmy Thompson, Howard Marion Crawford, Tony Sagar, Fred Griffiths
Bernard Hunter, David Lodge, Nicholas Parsons, Patrick Cargill, Michael Nightingale, Ian Curry Kynaston Reeves, Fraser Kerr, Douglas Ives, Maureen Moore, Ian Whittaker, Betty Marsden
Tom Clegg, Freddie Mills, Julia Arnall, Joe Robinson, Jack Taylor, Lucy Griffiths, Cyril Raymond
George Street, Ian Wilson, Michael Ward, Madame Yang, Nancy Roberts, Judith Furze
David Williams, David Stoll, Victor Maddern, Carl Conway, Charles Julian, Denis Shaw, Carol Shelley