Carry On


Carry On Cruising

Anglo-Amalgamated / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas

Producer: Peter Rogers

Screenplay: Norman Hudis

Music: Bruce Montgomery

Made at Pinewood Studios

Sid James as the promotion-seeking captain of a luxury cruise ship is inevitably beset, bothered and bewildered by a variety of manic tourists and new crew-members including a sea-sick chef.

The cure promises to be worse than the illness when a large hypodermic is produced. Never mind, he hopes it will all come together before the V.I.P.s arrive on the night of the ship's ball . . .?

The first 'Carry On' film made in colour. The last screenplay by Norman Hudis and last music by Bruce Montgomery

Debut: Dilys Laye

Shooting began 9th January 1962


Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Liz Fraser, Dilys Laye, Esma Cannon
Lance Percival, Ronnie Stevens, Cyril Chamberlain, Anton Rodgers, Jimmy Thompson, Vincent Ball
Willoughby Goddard, Ed Devereaux, Brian Rawlinson, Anthony Sagar, Terence Holland
Mario Fabrizi, Marian Collins Jill Mai Meredith, Alan Casley, Evan David