Carry On


Carry On Cowboy

Anglo-Amalgamated / Peter Rogers

Gerald Thomas

Peter Rogers

Talbot Rothwell

Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios and on location at Black Park, Fulmer, Bucks and Chobham Common, Surrey

With a name like his it's hardly surprising that a sanitary engineer, Marshall P. Knutt, accidentally becomes sheriff of the wild west town of Stodge City which is being terrorised by the Rumpo Kid.

As if that isn't bad enough he also has trouble with Indians on the warpath led gormlessly by Chief Big Heap who is not averse to the odd glass of fire-water. Not knowing his butt from his barrel, Marshall is ably extracted, unknowingly, from sticky situations by crack-shot Annie Oakley played by the lovely Angela Douglas, ostrich feathers, basque and all, who is, secretly, out to shorten The Rumpo Kid's career.

This was the only known 'Carry On' film to exceed the time set for its shooting schedule - and it was only a day late.

Debuts: Bernard Bresslaw, Angela Douglas, Margaret Nolan, Peter Butterworth

Shooting started autumn 1965


Sidney James, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Jim Dale, Percy Herbert
Angela Douglas, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Jon Pertwee, Sydney Bromley, Edina Ronay
Lionel Murton, Peter Gilmore, Davy Kaye, Alan Gifford, Brian Rawlinson, Michael Nightingale
Simon Cain, Sally Douglas Cal McCord, Garry Colleano, Arthur Lovegrove, Margaret Nolan
Tom Clegg, Larry Cross, Brian Coburn, Hal Galili, Norman Stanley, Carmen Dene, Andrea Allen
Vicki Smith, Audrey Wilson, Donna White, Lisa Thomas, Gloria Best, George Mossman

The saloon dancing girls were supplied by The Ballet Montparnesse - very nice too!