There can be no other venue in the history of Rock'n'Roll that summons up more excitement and mystery than Liverpool’s Cavern club . . . .

Every year hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world travel to Liverpool to visit The Cavern, to walk down its stone steps into the dark interior and stand looking towards a small stage situated at the end of a narrow arched tunnel. To let the waves of nostalgia flow over them and travel back in their minds to those far-off days of the Sixties and imagine that there, on that tiny stage, are four young men and that once again the sound of The Beatles is reverberating around the cave-like walls.
Cavern Beatles
Somewhat sadly, the reality is that The Cavern that stands there today is not quite The Cavern that saw the birth of the greatest group the world will ever see. The story of how this came to be is a story that has elements of stupidity, sheer neglect and, at times, even enters into the realms of comedy. The real story of what happened to what should have been Liverpool’s greatest treasure is finally told here - so let's go back, through the mists of time, to the original Cavern . . . .


Experience The Sixties Sound of CAVERN. . . .
Cavern - Artist Information
Glenn and Jeff Mitchell are 'Cavern' - a keyboard guitar duo who use specialist guitars of the period in their sets, from John Lennon's signature Rickenbacker 325 to Paul McCartney's Violin Hofner Beatle bass. They take you on a Magical Musical History Tour of the early days of 'Merseybeat' using stage decor, props and reproduction 60s Beatles suits, with Cuban heeled Beatle boots, where you are transported back in time to the vibrant rock'n'roll sounds of the 50s and the beginnings of the Mersey Sound and Beatlemania to relive memories of those formative years which witnessed the birth of the Swinging Sixties.

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