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The Sixties, if they must be labelled, were undoubtedly the decade of the sit-com. Many of the what are now considered to be comedy classics started life humbly as one-off features in the outstanding 'Comedy Playhouse' series and are still the subject of extremely popular re-runs nearly forty years later. A number of programmes originally produced in the Fifties were also still enjoying regular broadcasting, particularly westerns and historical action series which made a significant enough impression on my own viewing memories of the Sixties to be included here.

The change in the quality and quantity of programmes produced was quite pronounced with the introduction of colour television, higher resolution transmission and the increasing tendency of the regional independent television companies to produce their own programmes. Technological advances and improvements in the speed and ease of international travel brought the world into our living rooms as never before, particularly in the field of current events reporting.

These pages will eventually contain some info on my own personal favourites as well as many other Fifties and Sixties productions.There will also be a growing general list of TV titles in order of year first broadcast, which may be of interest.
Let me know your own favourites and also of any programmes which may have slipped my memory.

As is my intention throughout Sixties City, I hope these bring back some good memories for you. 
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Sixties Television Programme Listings by Year - I
ncluding Audience Ratings

These pages are now mainly completed with listings, pictures, website links and information on hundreds of 60s television programmes. I will revisit these pages and make additions from time to time as there are already a long list of programmes which I have come across which have brought back even more memories. Domestic UK-produced programmes and series are listed by year first transmitted. Imported programmes are a little more difficult to verify so, where I haven't got specific information I have listed them as shown in the U.K. two years after first transmission in the country of origin, which seems to be about right.

There is also a Pre-60s page on various programmes that were either made or first shown in the Fifties which were still popular and widely televised in the Sixties ( in many cases still being shown today ). I consider these to be very much a part of the Sixties television scene
as they certainly form a significant part of my own Sixties memories, hence their inclusion here. As always, I have tried to give accurate information but this is often difficult to verify. If I get it wrong, I'm sure that I can rely on you to let me know. This is such a broad subject that it is difficult to know where to stop, especially as there are so many excellent web sites which specialise on television programmes. If I have left out any programmes which you feel are a 'must' inclusion, please drop me a line.

Click on a frame to see information, programme listings and images
from the years indicated

Sixties Television Dedicated Programme Pages

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Sixties films, plus images and episode listings from both 'The 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' and 'The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.' TV series.
  Pop and Music Television Programmes of the Sixties
Images and information on hundreds of the music-based shows and series that appeared on your screens during the Sixties.

Star Trek - The Original Series
A complete Page by Page episode guide with storylines, pictures
and production / cast information. There is also an image gallery.
  Gerry Anderson Film and Television Productions
Anything can happen in the next half hour.... A Gerry Anderson production history including all the Sixties shows and films.

Images, cast information and an episode listing of the Dynamic Duo's capers. Could this be the end for The Caped Crusaders?
Tune in tomorrow night, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!
  Doctor Who
1963 - 1969, Covering the first two Doctors' production and episode details. General information, plus screen shots and images of Who companions etc.

Top Of The Pops
It's January 1964 - It's No 1 - It's Top Of The Pops! How it started and the Sixties years of the ultimate Pop TV music chart show - with information and images.
  Thank Your Lucky Stars
1961 - 1966, Cult Pop Television programme featuring 'Oi'll give it foive' girl, Janice Nicholls and the first major TV appearances by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Juke Box Jury
1959 - 1967, Cult Pop Television programme hosted by disc jockey David Jacobs and featuring a panel jury voting on a HIT or MISS. General information and images from the show.
  Ready Steady Go!
1963 - 1966, Cult Pop Television programme hosted by Keith Fordyce and the legendary mod queen, Cathy McGowan.
The weekend starts here........
The Eurovision Song Contest
Like it or loathe it, it's still compulsive viewing.
All the Sixties results in full, plus other information and images.
  The Royal Command Performance
Pictures and information from the annual Royal 'knees-up' which, in the Sixties, was still actually quite entertaining.....

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