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Sixties City
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Barbara Parkins in Op Art - click for full image  Bridget Riley - Movement In Squares  Marilyn Monroe in Pop Art - Click for full image

Image Gallery

Motorbikes at Brighton

Mod group on scooters

Carnaby Street - Late Sixties

Coffee bar juke box group

Rockers at the Dorchester Hotel 1963

Lichfield - The New Romantics

2Is Coffee Bar
Andy Warhol and friends 1965

Hippies - Sixties Pop Festival

Heaven and Hell Coffee Bar

Bridget Riley

At The Hop - Rock'n'Roll Dance Scene

Blaze - Bridget Riley op art

Bridget Riley

'The Wild Ones' beat up Margate

David Hockney

Dancing in 'The Cavern' 1960

David Hockney - 'A Bigger Splash'

Dance - The Swim

Teddy Boys 1962

Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgley

Drinks cans

Piccadilly Circus c.1959/60

Beat Icons:Rivers, Kerouac, Amram, Ginsberg, Corso

Limmits crackers and Ski yogurt
The 'Skid Lid' 1963

Mod Girl

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