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Follow That Dream

Kid Galahad

Girls Girls Girls

Follow That Dream

Studio title: Pioneer Goes Home

Released April 11th 1962

United Artists / Mirisch

Directed by Gordon Douglas

Elvis Presley, Anne Helm, Joanna Moore, Jack Kruschen
Arthur O'Connell

A wandering hillbilly-type 'family' adopted by Pop Kwimper run out of money and gas. They set up their mobile home on a Florida beach right next to a highway that is shortly to be dedicated by the State Governor. Existing only on government subsidies and his army disability pension Toby, played by Elvis, has to find a way to make enough money to get them on the move again. The solution is provided by 19 year old Holly, who looks after the identical twins Eddy and Teddy, when she persuades big businessmen looking for game fishing that the area is full of giant Tarpon and they make a tidy sum supplying bait, tackle and food.

Alicia: "Did anyone ever tell you that you are very handsome?" Toby ( Elvis ): "Only girls…"

Songs: What A Wonderful Life / I'm Not The Marrying Kind / Sound Advice / Follow That Dream


Kid Galahad

Released August 29th 1962

United Artists / Mirisch

Directed by Phil Karlson

Elvis Presley, Lola Albright, Joan Blackman, Gig Young
Charles Bronson, Ned Glass, David Lewis, Robert Emhardt

Walter Goolie returns home from the army planning a new life for himself. To get some stake money for his planned auto repair shop he takes a job at Grogan's Gaelic Gardens as a sparring partner. He shows real talent and is groomed as a potential title-winner but his trainer has to sort him out when he becomes too big-headed.

Songs: King Of The Whole Wide World / This Is Living / Riding The Rainbow / Home Is Where The Heart Is / I Got Lucky / A Whistling Tune


Girls Girls Girls

Studio titles: A Girl In Every Port, Welcome Aboard, Gumbo Ya Ya

Released November 21st 1962


Directed by Norman Taurog

Elvis Presley, Stella Stevens, Laurel Goodwin, Jeremy Slate

Ross Carpenter is a struggling fisherman whose father has had to sell their boat, the 'Westwind'. To make enough money to buy it back he has to take up a bit of night club singing and work for the new owner, using the vessel as a hired fishing boat for obnoxious tourists. Meanwhile, he has the usual complications with girls.

Songs: Girls! Girls! Girls! / I Don't Wanna Be Tied / We'll Be Together / A Boy Like Me A Girl Like You / Earth Boy / Return To Sender / Because Of Love / Thanks To The Rolling Sea / Song Of The Shrimp / The Walls Have Ears / We're Coming In Loaded / Dainty Little Moonbeams / Never Let Me Go / The Nearness Of You / Baby Baby Baby