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Frankie And Johnny

Paradise Hawaiian Style


Frankie And Johnny

Released March 31st 1966

United Artists / F and J

Directed by Frederick deCordova

Elvis Presley, Donna Douglas, Nancy Kovack
Sue Ane Langdon, Harry Morgan, Audrey Christie
Jerome Cowan

Aboard a Mississippi riverboat a professional gambler, Johnny ( Elvis ), is advised by a gypsy fortune-teller to team up with a red-haired girl for good luck at the tables. Johnny takes it a bit further than that, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend Frankie and to Nellie the redhead's boyfriend who just also happens to be Johnny's boss. The rest of the movie deals with the not infrequent merry-go-round of partner swapping and various jealousies.

Gypsies / Frankie and Johnny / Lookout Broadway / Beginner's Luck / When The Saints Go Marchin' In / Get Happy / Hard Luck / Please Don't Stop Lovin' Me / Let's Go Along With The Show / Make Petunia's Tulips Mine / What Every Woman Lives For


Donna Douglas

Paradise Hawaiian Style

Released July 6th 1966

Paramount / Hal B. Wallis / Joseph H. Hazen

Directed by Michael Moore

Elvis Presley, Suzannah Leigh, James Shigeta, Irene Tsu

Greg 'Rick' Richards, a girl-loving, out of work airline pilot, returns to Hawaii and starts a helicopter charter service providing him with the means to meet many of the island's lovely tourists. All seems to be going well until he takes a job ferrying some dogs ( real ones ) around. Things get a touch out of control during the trip as does the helicopter, which buzzes the road and narrowly misses the chief of the Island Aviation Bureau who is not overly impressed. Beautiful scenic aerial shots of Hawaii.

Apparently the 'Drums of the Islands' sequence was affected by a punch-up between some of the native 'extras' when it was noticed that the canoe in the scene was of Samoan origin. The oarsmen were Tongan.

Songs: Paradise Hawaiian Style / Queenie Wahini's Papaya / Scratch My Back / Drums Of The Islands / A Dog's Life / Datin' / House Of Sand / Stop Where You Are / This Is My Heaven / Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home



U.K. title: California Holiday

Studio titles: Jim Dandy, After Midnight, Always At Midnight, Never Say No, Never Say Yes

Released November 23rd 1966

MGM / Euterpe

Directed by Norman Taurog

Elvis Presley, Dodie Marshall, Shelley Fabares
Diane McBain, Carl Betz, Deborah Walley, Una Merkel
Cecil Kellaway

Elvis plays Mike McCoy, a singing racing car driver who
is pursued by a car designer until he agrees to drive an experimental sports car in a desert road race. He is also
pursued by the designer's daughter, but for entirely different reasons. She has some competition of her own as two other luscious lovelies are also on Mike's trail. The desert must
have seemed a good place to be at the time.

Songs: Stop Look Listen / Adam and Evil / Because Of You / Never Say Yes / Am I Ready? / Beach Shack / Spinout / Smorgasbord / I'll Be Back