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      1963 Births and Deaths      

1963 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'
Best Actor: Sidney Poitier ( Lilies Of The Field )
Best Actress: Patricia Neal ( Hud )
Best Film: Tom Jones

Song Contest 1963

Winner: Denmark
Grethe and Jurgen Ingmann

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1963 - General

The Average Wage: £16.14s.11d

Lyndon B.Johnson becomes the 36th U.S. President Teletext is first demonstrated
The first BIBA boutique opens in Abingdon Road, London Skateboards are invented
The Gillette Cup is introduced into County cricket

The 'A' suffix comes into use on vehicle registration plates in some counties

Sidney Poitier is the first black actor to receive an Oscar Grand Prix driver Oscar Galvez is killed
Princess Anne starts at Benenden School, Kent Surfing becomes the biggest 'overnight' sensation since 'The Twist'
Miss World is Carole Joan Crawford ( Miss Jamaica ) Manfred Mann lead singer Paul Jones marries Sheila MacLeod
Britain's highest unemployment figure since 1947, quoted at 878,000 Miss Universe is Idea Maria Vargas ( Miss Brazil )
Phil Spector creates his 'Wall of Sound' Polaroid instant film and cameras are first marketed
Geneticist J.B.S. Haldane coins the word "clone" Harvey Ball invents the 'smiley'

January 1963

Charlie Watts replaces Tony Chapman as The Rolling Stones drummer

Kim Philby, the third man in the Burgess / Maclean spy ring escapes to Moscow

Phil Everly marries Jackie Ertel

1st Purchase Tax on discs is cut from 45% to 25%

2nd 50 die as the Vietcong shoot down 5 American helicopters in the Mekong Delta

2nd U.S. TV host Dick Powell dies

11th Whisky A Go-Go, the first disco night club in the USA, is opened in Los Angeles

14th France vetoes Britain's application to join the Common Market

14th George Wallace becomes governor of Alabama

18th Politician Hugh Gaitskell (right) dies

23rd Kim Philby is reported missing from the British Embassy in Beirut

28th Black student Harvey Gantt enters Clemson College in South Carolina, which is the         last US state to hold out against racial integration

February 1963

Paul Anka marries aristocrat Anne deZogheb in Paris

The Rolling Stones begin appearing at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond

2nd Finn Pentti Nikula becomes the first pole-vaulter to clear five metres

2nd The Beatles start their first U.K. tour

8th In Iraq, army rebels seize power and execute Premier Abdul Kassim

9th The first test flight of the Boeing 727 (right) is made in America

11th The CIA Domestic Operations Division is created

11th UK unemployment reaches 878,000 (highest since Feb 47)

14th Harold Wilson becomes leader of the Labour Party

19th USSR informs US of withdrawal of several thousand troops from Cuba

21st An earthquake in Libya kills 500 and destroys the village of Barce

22nd John Lewis, founder of the retail store chain, dies

22nd Northern Music Publishing is formed by The Beatles

27th Female suffrage in Iran

March 1963

1st Yoko Ono's marriage to American Christian fundamentalist filmmaker Tony Cox is annulled

Six OAS members are sentenced to death for the assassination attempt on DeGaulle

5th Patsy Cline, "Cowboy" Copas and "Hawkshaw" Hawkins are killed in a plane crash
      at Camden, Tennessee

8th The first Ford Anglia comes off the production line at Halewood

16th Mount Agung erupts on Bali killing 11,000

18th James Meredith is the first black student to graduate from the University of Mississippi

21st Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay (right) is closed down after 104 years use

21st The first automatic tube trains run on the London underground

22nd John Profumo (Secretary of State for War) makes personal statement to parliament

26th Five thousand unemployed people demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament

27th The Beeching report is published announcing plans to close more than 2000 railway stations

April 1963

1st General Hospital premiered on ABC-TV

Actor Jason Robards dies

4th The Hollies audition at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London

7th Yugoslavia becomes a Socialist republic and Josip Broz Tito is named President

8th Julian Lennon, the son of John Lennon, was born in Liverpool, England

9th Winston Churchill is made an honorary US citizen

10th The U.S. atomic submarine 'Thresher' is lost 220 miles east of Cape Cod in the North
        Atlantic with 129 crew (right)

18th Paul McCartney meets Jane Asher, the sister of Peter Asher of 'Peter & Gordon'

15th 70,000 Aldermaston marchers arrive in London to protest against nuclear weapons

20th The Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation is created

21st Michael E. De Bakey implants artificial heart in human for first time at Houston hospital

22nd Lester B. Pearson becomes Canada's fourteenth prime minister

24th Princess Alexandra marries Angus Ogilvie at Westminster Abbey

May 1963

The first Monterey Folk Festival is held in California

7th The second 'Telstar' satellite is launched

7th Comedian 'Cheeky Chappie' Max Miller dies

11th The homes of civil rights leaders are bombed in Birmingham, Alabama

13th Ray Charles arrives in London at for the start of a UK tour

15th Tottenham Hotspur beat Atletico Madrid 5-1 and become the first English winners of a        European club football trophy (right)

15th NASA launches the last mission of the Mercury program, Mercury 9, from Cape Canaveral.        Astronaut Gordon Cooper makes 22 orbits

23rd Fidel Castro visits the Soviet Union

25th The Organisation of African Unity is established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

27th Jomo Kenyatta is elected Premier in Kenya's first general election

30th The Peerage Bill is published, allowing Peers of the Realm to renounce their titles

June 1963

Henry Cooper knocks down Cassius Clay at the end of the 4th round in a non-title fight at Wembley

'The Pill' becomes available on doctor's prescription, but not generally available until 1974

The B.B.C. launch their 'Pop Go The Beatles' radio series

2nd Slavery is declared illegal in Saudi Arabia

3rd Pope John XXIII dies aged 82

4th Scandal rocks the government as John Profumo resigns over the Christine Keeler affair

7th The Rolling Stones make their U.K. television debut on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'

11th Constantine Karamanlis, Greek Prime Minister, resigns in protest at king's visit to Britain

12th Civil rights leader Medgar Evers is fatally shot outside his home in Jackson, Mississippi

15th Last performance of the Old Vic Company as the new National Theatre begins

16th Lt. Valentina Tereshkova, a former textile factory worker, becomes the first woman into space

19th President Kennedy presents the Civil Rights Bill to Congress in Washington D.C.

20th The Moscow-Washington "Hot line" agreement sets up a direct line between USA and USSR

21st Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini is elected Pope Paul VI by the College of Cardinals

26th President Kennedy visits the Berlin Wall and delivers his 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech

30th A Mafia car bomb explodes in Ciaculli, Sicily, killing 7 police officers

July 1963

1st ZIP Codes are introduced in the USA

The government admits that Kim Philby was the third man in the Burgess / Maclean spy ring

3rd The government announces the introduction of continental-style road signs

14th The BBC announces that it is to scrap the TV panel game 'What's My Line' (right)

16th The government proposes the creation of a Ministry of Defence

26th A U.K. national speed limit of 50m.p.h. is introduced but ignored by most drivers

26th An earthquake in Skopje, Yugoslavia kills 1800

26th Syncom, the world's first geostationary satellite is put into orbit by NASA

28th The Newport Folk Festival at Rhode Island draws 47,000 people

29th Charles DeGaulle pledges to continue French nuclear testing

30th The Soviet newspaper Izvestia reports that Kim Philby has been given asylum in Moscow

31st The Peerage Bill allows Lords to renounce their titles and stand for election as commoners

August 1963

Anthony Wedgwood-Benn renounces his peerage

1st The minimum prison age is raised to 17 in Britain

3rd The Beatles perform for the last time at the Cavern Club, Liverpool

More than £2.5 million in cash and jewels is taken in the Great Train Robbery

8th A Treaty is signed in Moscow banning Nuclear testing in the atmosphere

9th First edition of Ready Steady Go! Is broadcast at 7p.m. from Television House, Kingsway

15th David "Screaming Lord" Sutch (right) stands in the by-election at Stratford-on-Avon, and loses

22nd Lord Nuffield, the creator of Morris Cars, dies aged 84

23rd Scottish actress Mary Gordon dies

28th Martin Luther King makes his 'I have a dream . . .' speech at the Lincoln Memorial

30th Timothy Leary lectures on "The revelatory potentialities of the human nervous system"

September 1963

Jet Harris (right) and Billie Davies are involved in the car crash that effectively ends his career

5th Christine Keeler is arrested for perjury

7th The Professional Football Hall of Fame is dedicated in Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.

The first credit card is launched in the U.K. by American Express but you could only get one if
        you had an annual income of over £2000

15th In America, the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing results in 4 deaths and 22 injuries

16th The Federation of Malaysia is formed through the merging of the Federation of Malaya and the         British crown colony of Singapore, North Borneo (renamed Sabah) and Sarawak.

17th The early warning missile system at Fylingdales becomes operational

18th Rioters burn down the British embassy in Jakarta, protesting against the formation of Malaysia

20th President John F. Kennedy proposes a joint U.S.- Soviet expedition to the moon

26th The Denning report on the Profumo affair is published

27th Cilla Black makes her television debut on Ready Steady Go! Singing 'Love of the Loved'

27th Joseph M. Valachi identified the alleged chiefs of organized crime in the United States in a         televised testimony before the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee

October 1963

5th Colin Jordan, British Nazi leader, is pelted with eggs at his wedding to perfume heiress
      Francoise Dior

The Springfields make their final appearance before Dusty goes solo

9th Uganda becomes a republic

9th Over 2,000 die when a landslide behind the Vajont Dam in Northern Italy causes a giant wave of       water to wash over the top

10th Harold Macmillan resigns as Prime Minister due to illness brought on by the Profumo affair

11th Artist, director and writer Jean Cocteau dies

11th French singer Edith Piaf dies in Paris

13th The Beatles debut on Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV show before 15         million viewers

14th Beatlemania becomes official as papers use the term in headline banners

14th TWA and PAN-AM place orders for 21 supersonic passenger aircraft

21st The United Nations vote against admitting communist China

29th Singer Michael Holliday, aged 35, commits suicide

November 1963

1st The BBC bans Joe Brown's cover of George Formby's "Little Ukulele"

Ngo Dinh Diem, the President of the Republic of Vietnam, and his brother are killed in a coup

4th The Beatles appear on the Royal Variety Show

6th Vietnam coup leader General Duong Van Minh takes over leadership of South Vietnam

7th 11 miners are rescued from a collapsed mine in Germany after 14 days

9th A coal-mine explosion at Miike in Japan kills 458 and hospitalises 839 with carbon monoxide       poisoning

14th An undersea volcanic eruption near Iceland creates a new island, Surtsey

18th The Dartford Tunnel opens

22nd President John F. Kennedy is assassinated (top right) by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas

22nd Author C.S.Lewis dies

22nd Author Aldous Huxley dies

23rd The first episode of 'Dr.Who' is screened on BBC at 5.25p.m. 'An Unearthly Child'

24th Lee Harvey Oswald is murdered by club owner Jack Ruby live on American TV (bottom right)

25th John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery

26th Numerous priceless art treasures, hidden by the Nazis during WWII, are found in Austria

29th Trans-Canada Airlines Flight 831,
a Douglas DC-8, crashes into a hillside after take-off from         Dorval Airport, Montreal, killing all 118 on board

December 1963

The Berlin wall is opened for the first time to allow Christmas visits

4th Official end of the Mercury program of U.S.A. solo-manned spaceflight

5th 'What A Crazy World', featuring Joe Brown, Susan Maughan (right), Freddie and the Dreamers,        Harry H. Corbett and Marty Wilde opens at the Westend and Rialta Cinemas

5th The UN General Assembly asks the Commission on the Status of Women to prepare       a declaration on the rights of women.

6th Christine Keeler is jailed for 9 months for perjury, not connected to the Profumo affair

10th Zanzibar gains independence from Britain

11th Frank Sinatra Jr. is released in Los Angeles after his father pays a $240,000 ransom

12th Kenya becomes independent with Jomo Kenyatta as Prime Minister

14th Blues singer Dinah Washington dies of a drug overdose

24th A short civil war in Cyprus between Greek and Turkish Cypriots erupts

30th OAS leader Antoine Argoud is sentenced to life imprisonment in Paris

31st The Central African Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland is formally dissolved

   1963 Births
   1963 Deaths

January 14 Steven Spielberg, director
January 23 Gail O'Grady, actress
January 26 Andrew Ridgely, musician
February 9 Travis Tritt, country music singer
February 17 Michael Jordan, basketball player
February 19 Seal, singer
February 21 William Baldwin, actor
February 22 Vijay Singh, golfer
March 6 D.L. Hughley, actor, comedian
March 10 Neneh Cherry, musician
March 12 Joaquim Cruz, Brazilian track athlete
March 14 Bruce Reid, Australian cricketer
March 18 Vanessa L. Williams, actress, singer
March 20 Kathy Ireland, supermodel and actress
March 27 Quentin Tarantino, actor, director, writer, producer
April 4 Jack Del Rio, American football player and coach
April 4 Graham Norton, talk show host
April 13 Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion 1985-2000
April 21 Roy Dupuis, actor
April 26 Jet Li, martial arts fighter, actor
April 27 Cali Timmins, actress
May 11 Natasha Richardson, actress
May 12 Vanessa A. Williams, actress
May 24 Joe Dumars, basketball star
May 25 Mike Myers, actor, comedian
June 6 Jason Isaacs, actor
June 9 Johnny Depp, actor
June 13 Bettina Bunge, tennis player
June 17 Greg Kinnear, actor
June 18 Bruce Smith, American football player
June 23 Colin Montgomerie, golfer
June 25 George Michael, singer
June 27 Meera Syal, writer, singer, journalist and actress
July 16 Phoebe Cates, actress
July 30 Lisa Kudrow, American actress
August 3 James Hetfield, Metallica co-founder
August 6 Kevin Mitnick, computer hacker
August 19 John Stamos, actor
August 23 Kenny Wallace, NASCAR race car driver
August 30 Paul Oakenfold, DJ
October 1 Mark McGwire, baseball player
October 10 Daniel Pearl, journalist
October 22 Brian Boitano, figure skater
October 26 Natalie Merchant, singer, songwriter, musician
November 13 Vinny Testaverde, American football quarterback
November 19 Terry Farrell, Star Trek actress
November 21 Nicolette Sheridan, actress
November 24 Iris Erlingsdottir, OMD, writer, journalist
December 16 Benjamin Bratt, actor
December 18 Brad Pitt, actor
December 23 Jim Harbaugh, American football player

January 2 Dick Powell, TV host
January 5 Rogers Hornsby, Baseball Hall of Fame
January 18 Hugh Gaitskell, politician
January 29 Robert Frost, American poet
January 30 Francis Poulenc, French composer
February 11 Sylvia Plath, American poet, novelist
February 22 John Lewis, chain store founder
March 4 William Carlos Williams, American writer
March 5 Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins and Cowboy Copas, country music singers
April 4 Jason Robards, actor
April 6 Otto Struve, astronomer
April 9 Eddie Edwards, jazz musician
May 7 Max Miller, comedian
May 12 Bobby Kerr, Canadian track athlete
May 31 Edith Hamilton, author
June 3 Pope John XXIII
June 11 Thich Quang Duc, Vietnamese Bhuddist monk (suicide)
June 12 Medgar Evers, civil rights leader
August 5 Theodore Roethke, American poet
August 22 Lord Nuffield, founder of Morris cars
August 23 Mary Gordon, Scottish actress
September 11 Suzanne Duchamp, French Dada painter
October 11 Edith Piaf, French singer
October 11 Jean Cocteau, French writer
October 29 Michael Holliday, singer
November 1 Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam
November 15 Fritz Reiner, Hungarian conductor
November 22 John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
November 22 Aldous Huxley, novelist
November 22 C.S. Lewis, novelist
November 24 Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy assassin
December 1 Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, American WW2 spy
December 2 Thomas Hicks, American marathon runner
December 5 Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji, Hindu saint
December 5 Karl Amadeus Hartmann, German composer
December 14 Dinah Washington, singer
December 28 Paul Hindemith, German composer

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