Sixties City



Dir: Michael Carreras

86 minutes

Kerwin Mathews, Nadia Gray, Donald Houston, Liliane Brousse

The Damned ( USA : These Are The Damned )

Hammer - Swallow

Dir: Joseph Losey

87 minutes ( UK ), 77 minutes ( USA ), HammerScope

Macdonald Carey, Shirley Ann Field, Viveca Lindfors, Alexander Knox
Oliver Reed

The Scarlet Blade ( USA : The Crimson Blade )


Dir: John Gilling

82 minutes, Technicolor, HammerScope

Lionel Jeffries, Oliver Reed, Jack Hedley, June Thorburn, Suzan Farmer

Cash On Demand

Woodpecker - Hammer

Dir: Quentin Lawrence

66 minutes

Peter Cushing, Andre Morrell, Richard Vernon, Barry Lowe



Dir: Freddie Francis

80 minutes

Janette Scott, Oliver Reed, Alexander Davion, Sheila Burrell, Liliane Brousse
Maurice Denham