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aaa Stop what you're doing for a moment - take a look around you - the chairs, tables, lamps, toys - anything that catches your eye. Can you remember the kind of things that surrounded you in the Sixties? Do you remember Space Hoppers? Telephones with finger holes? World Cup Willie? Seemingly indestructible cans of Coca Cola that had to be opened with a pointy metal thing? What happened to them? Where will all the stuff that you can see right now be in another 40 years time?

Mostly long gone into the bin I imagine. The same thing happens all the time, particularly with cheap, disposable bric-a-brac. Then, one day, you'll see the items again - this time for sale at incredible prices and you'll think to yourself 'I used to have one of them....wonder what happened to it? Wish I'd kept it now'. Not that I'm suggesting you harbour junk just for the sake of it...

Me? I'm no different - I used to have a lot of the things in these pictures so it's a personal trip down memory lane. I remember seeing a lot of this stuff during my childhood and even have a few odd pieces that somehow survived. Not so much a page, more of an old shopping catalogue - there's no particular order to this section of Sixties City, just a few memories of my own and some pictures of interesting bygones and sixties 'icons', with a little information for those who are interested.