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Printed Media

Printed Media


Here's a quick run-down of some of the happenings in the industry during the decade:


The News Chronicle is incorporated into The Daily Mail

The Star is incorporated into The London Evening News

The Sunday Empire News is incorporated into The News Of The World

The Sunday Dispatch and Daily Herald print the first colour pictures ( Princess Margaret's wedding )

Circulation of The Radio Times is 6,784,487

15th January The National Christian News starts

10th March Record Retailer / Music Week publishes the first U.K. singles Top 50 and L.P. record charts

10th December The Sunday Graphic expires


In 1961 there were 133 daily papers and 1.310 weekly papers being produced in the U.K. and Eire

The Sunday Telegraph starts ( price 4d )

The Mirror group takes over Odhams Publishing

The Sunday Dispatch is incorporated into The Sunday Express

Most national dailies increase their prices to 3d in March

Richard Ingrams initiates 'Private Eye' magazine


4th February The Sunday Times produces the first colour supplement, the front page of which includes 11 pictures of Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey.

10th March The Radio Times publishes its 2000th issue - price 5d

In April the NME ( New Musical Express ) celebrates its 10th anniversary. Its sales exceed 200,000 copies weekly which is more than all the other sales of weekly 'pop' newspapers combined.

June A miniature edition of The Radio Times was produced for the Royal doll's house, measuring 7.5cm x 6cm


The Observer starts issuing a colour supplement

The Daily Telegraph starts issuing a colour magazine with its Friday edition


9th June Lord Beaverbrook, the press baron of Express Newspapers dies aged 85

14th September The Daily Herald expires

14th September At 10p.m. presses start rolling at The Sun , the first new national daily for 34 years

15th September The Sun sells 3.5 million copies on its first day


Nova magazine is launched - 'A new kind of magazine for the new kind of woman'

Lord Thompson launches 'the world's most modern newspaper', The Evening Post, in September


The Daily Worker becomes The Morning Star

The Bristol Evening Post changes its typesetting methods to a computer-controlled system

IT International Times magazine is first published

30th September Lord Thompson buys The Times which changes its front page layout for the first time in 181 years to include more news stories


The Sunday Citizen expires

Reynolds News expires

Rolling Stone magazine is first produced, in San Francisco

Oz 'underground' magazine is first published by Richard Neville

William Rees-Mogg becomes editor of The Times


13th October British publisher Sir Stanley Unwin dies


The 'ZIG ZAG' fanzine is launched

Circulation of The Radio Times is 3,883,815 - about half of what it was in 1960

1st January Rupert Murdoch wins the takeover battle with Robert Maxwell for The News of the World

21st July The biggest typefaces ever used announce that man is on the moon

15th October The print unions finally allow Rupert Murdoch's purchase of The Sun

17th November The Sun becomes a tabloid

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