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The Legend of Time Tunnel - Marcelo Abeal
The Legend of Time Tunnel    
The Legend of Time Tunnel is a new book about The Time Tunnel by Argentinian actor/model/stuntman/author, Marcelo Abeal Urquiza.
You can find out more about the book and its author by clicking on the image and visiting his website.
You can also enjoy a gallery of pictures from Marcelo at:
Legend of Time Tunnel Gallery

ISBN 978-987-022774-8

Guns, Cash and Rock'n'Roll - Steve Overbury
Guns, Cash and Rock'n'Roll: The Managers
Steve Overbury
The book celebrates this special breed – often flawed low achievers but true believers, hard-nosed wheeler-dealers and schemers who were as at home talking to drug dealers and the mafia as they were to corporate lawyers. The music business has a hopeless allure for extreme characters and encourages extreme behaviour. Of the twelve managers featured, at least five of them were drug enthusiasts and four of them liked having guns to hand.
The King of Carnaby Street - Jeremy Reed
The King of Carnaby Street
Jeremy Reed
John Stephen drove a purple and gold Cadillac and suffered bouts of manic depression that meant he had no need for the drug scene of the day, where speed in the form of 'purple hearts' fuelled all-night raves. As Jeremy Reed reveals in this fascinating new biography of a relatively neglected figure, Stephen ultimately became an icon of the swinging sixties and the Mods.

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London Babylon - Steve Overbury
London Babylon: The Beatles and The Stones in the Swinging Sixties
Steve Overbury
His new book tells the sorry story of the dealer responsible for the deaths of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Talitha Getty and ultimately himself. It details the life of the murderer who made it with a princess and it reveals who might have been the real killer of Keith M
oon’s chauffeur. London Babylon examines the life of the man who built the machine that drove Kurt Cobain crazy and the people that drilled holes in their heads. Welcome to Swingin' London!
The Untold 60s - Alex Gross
The Untold 60s
Alex Gross
An insider's Sixties on an international scale! During the Sixties the author wrote for, and occasionally edited, major underground newspapers in London, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam.
Almost all of 'The Untold Sixties' was written during the mid-Seventies, when these events were still fresh in the author's mind, bringing the reader remarkably close to reliving the Sixties in all their intensity.
Boom! - Ted Polhemus
Boom! and Orbiting Neptune
Two new books by Ted Polhemus
As the baby boom generation grew up in the 50s, 60s and 70s the world changed as never before – ‘youth culture’ became where it’s AT, ditto ‘pop culture’ which for the first time in history triumphed over elitist High Culture, likewise, ‘streetstyle’ overshadowed High Fashion as the driving force decreeing what is ‘In’ and what is ‘Out’, America and then ‘Swinging London’ made chic Paris look passé and the ‘counterculture’ challenged (and then became) The Establishment.
Throughout all this I had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time. Now, as ‘My Generation’ enters old age, my new books BOOM! and Orbiting Neptune explore how the world was (and wasn’t) shaped by the Boomers – and, crucially, considers what a post-Boomer world will look like.

For more information about these and other projects or to give your views go to
Orbiting Neptune is a pictorial companion to BOOM! and is available print-on-demand and as an e-book download
Matt Monro - Michele Monro - Titan Books
Matt Monro: The Singer’s Singer : The Life and Music of Matt Monro
Michele Monro
A singer once said “his pitch was right on the nose: his word enunciation letter perfect: his understanding of a song thorough. He will be missed very much, not only by myself, but by his fans all over the world”. The singer was the legendary Frank Sinatra, The man he spoke about: the irreplaceable Matt Monro.

Click on image for more information and other publications at Titan Books
Orbiting Neptune - Ted Polhemus
Going Underground - Suzie Tullett
Going Underground
A first novel by Suzie Tullett
Three men on two scooters (a vintage Lambretta and Vespa) heading down the country to Brighton...
Three women and a heavily pregnant belly in hot pursuit - all squashed into a classic, Union Jack roofed mini...
... and an off duty Police Officer bringing up the rear... and with musically themed chapters it even has its own soundtrack!
The Cavern After Hours
Cavern After Hours
Cavern After Hours is a website, and a book, that focuses very much on 60s bands that never made it big, but still made a great contribution to the mid to late 60's Merseyside Merseybeat scene. The book not only covers growing up in Liverpool during the 50's and early 60's but also includes early recollections of the mythical place only a bus ride away know as the Cavern together with the overall Merseybeat sound which at that time 1962 was only just starting to grow.
Visit this fascinating site!
Flowers In Their Hair - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Flowers In Their Hair
Keith Howchi Kilburn

The book documents the misadventures of Zane as he negotiates the carnivals and combat zones of the 60s… An average hippie, he evades Vietnam, takes part in student uprisings, seeks spiritual enlightenment through psychedelic drugs, gets incarcerated, and lives in communes.
Follow Zane’s journey as his quest for spirituality and love comes to some fruition by the end of the decade.
The 60s - Bill Harry and Robert Orbach
The 60s
Bill Harry and Robert Orbach
The 1960s were a defining period in the 20th century. A new generation took over the world and brought it their long hair, vibrant music and exciting, modern fashion. Moral standards and role models were questioned and often rejected, All aspects of this remarkable decade are covered Politics, Conflict, Sport, Music, People, Style as well as all the key players of the time Lennon, McCartney, Kennedy, Warhol, Armstrong, Dylan, Quant, King, Elvis, Mao.
Birmingham:More of The Sixties - Alton Douglas
Birmingham - More of The Sixties
Alton Douglas
One of many Alton Douglas (quizmaster and co-writer of the BBC Midlands TV series 'Know Your Place') books (33 at the last count) documenting Midlands life during various periods of history and jam-packed with photographs, documents and adverts from the time.
This one features more than 350 iconic photos of Birmingham, and Midlands life, in the Sixties.
Mersey Sound Wave - Bill Hart
Mersey Sound Wave
Bill Hart

A unique artistic commemoration and celebration of the UK's greatest musical era of all time...
Mersey Sound Wave is a
book, a CD, a website and a local institution dedicated to celebrating the history and sound of Mersey sixties music. Click on the image for a 15-page book preview and the sales site.
Click here to visit Bill's 'Mersey Sound Wave' website.
Sc-Fi and Fantasy Modeller Magazine
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller
A quarterly, 100-page, all-colour mag for modellers that regularly features in-depth pieces on the Irwin Allen series, Gerry Anderson subjects, Star Trek, Star Wars, and more, covering the latest releases in genre mainstream and garage kits, plus scratchbuild and conversion projects.
Modelling the 21st Century
A thrilling line-up of Anderson-esque science fiction and fantasy modelling projects. Profusely illustrated throughout with hundreds of photographs.
Psych Trail Mix
Psych Trail Mix
Psychedelia isn't just a kind of music, or a passing fad, it's a whole THING. There's a lot to it!
This is an American website and online 'Print your own 'zine' that allows you to view the zine in .pdf format and hopefully, print it if you'd like to.
It's completely free, and you can also access all the back copies as well!

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