More Sixties Pop and Culture Films

A list of films which I plan to expand upon in future updates
Any pictures or info you have on these would be most welcome!



Dick Dale
King of the Surf Guitar

Stranger In The City
Documentary on Soho and coffee bars - Gary Glitter ( Paul Raven ) appears

The Private Lives of Adam and Eve
Paul Anka

Platinum High School
Conway Twitty, Jimmy Boyd

Slippery When Wet
Bruce Brown surfing documentary

Let's Make Love
Cast includes Marilyn Monroe and
Dick Dale, 'king of the surf guitar'

Look In Any Window
Paul Anka

High School Caesar
Swing and Rock'n'roll soundtrack
by various artists

Surf Crazy
Bruce Brown surfing documentary


Mix Me A Person
Drama starring Adam Faith

Twist All Night
Dance Craze film featuring Louis Prima

Twist Craze
An eight minute promotional demo
of how the dance should be done

Come September
Bobby Darin

Barefoot Adventure
Bruce Brown surfing documentary
with music by Bud Shank



Joey Dee
and The Starliters


The Hellions
Marty Wilde

Wild Westerners
Duane Eddy stars and provides the
title theme

Two Tickets To Paris
Joey Dee and The Starliters

Ten Girls Ago

Wild Guitar
Arch Hall Jr

State Fair
Cast includes Pat Boone
and Bobby Darin

The Painted Smile
Craig Douglas

Arch Hall Jr

Water Logged
Bruce Brown Surfing documentary

Gone With The Wave
Phil Wilson surfing documentary with
music by Lalo Schifrin


The Cool Mikado
John Barry Seven

D'Ou Viens-Tu Johnny
Musical vehicle for French
pop singer Johnny Halliday

The World's Greatest Sinner

Soundtrack score by Frank Zappa

The Beatles Come To Town
Colour newsreel footage of a
Beatles concert in Manchester, including backstage shots

A Swingin' Affair
Features Dick Dale and The Deltones



and The Luvvers


Swinging U.K.
Short British pop music vehicle featuring Millie Small, The Merseybeats, The Wackers, The Four Pennies. Used in the compilation movie 'Go-Go Big Beat'

U.K. Swings Again
The short sequel to 'Swinging U.K.', also used in the 'Go-Go Big Beat' compilation with one song each from Lulu and
The Luvvers, The Swinging BlueJeans Brian Poole and The Tremeloes
The Animals, The Hollies, The Applejacks and The Tornadoes

What's Happening!
The Beatles In The U.S.A.
Documentary of the Fab Four's
first U.S.tour

Spies A-Go-Go / Nasty Rabbit
Arch Hall Jr, Pat and Lolly Vegas
The Archers

The Rolling Stones Gather Moss
Wide-screen newsreel documentary footage of the band's British tour

The Gutter Girls
Music by The Embers

Sound Of A CityA short documentary
film on Merseybeat which has action
from The Swinging Blue Jeans
The Zephyrs and The Aces

I'll Take Sweden
Frankie Avalon, The Vulcanes


The Playgirl Killer
Appearances by Neil Sedaka
and The Playboys

Venus In Furs
Underground film with Lou Reed

Primitive London
Swingin' London documentary style 81 minute culture film hampered by editing problems, with a brief appearance by Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas. Directed by Arnold Louis Miller and starring Macdonald Hobley. David Gell is the talkative narrator, with incidental music by Basil Kirchin.
Interviews with beatniks, mods and rockers give some insight into the style and social life of the swinging sixties. A baby is born, youths shop for the latest fashions, scenes from a Turkish bath and a tattoo parlour, parties, and the making of a television commercial are seemingly randomly included.

Pat Boone

Rat Pfink A-Boo-Boo
Ron Haydock

Daytona Beach Weekend
Features Del Shannon



Marianne Faithfull



What's Up Tiger Lily
The Lovin' Spoonful

After The Fox
Peter Sellers comedy with Sean Phillips. Title song by The Hollies

Made In U.S.A.
Marianne Faithfull

Skater Dater
Davie Allan and The Arrows

Battle Of The Mods
Ricky Shane

The Velvet Underground and Nico:
A Symphony Of Sound
Andy Warhol's documentary footage
of rehearsals at 'The Factory' including
a police raid

A Degree of Murder
Soundtrack score by Brian Jones

Run With The Wind
The Nashville Teens

The Family Way
Soundtrack score by Paul McCartney

A twelve minute film of The Fugs
performing at the Waldorf-Astoria

Cast includes Jackie deShannon

The Fat Spy
The Wild Ones, Johnny Tillotson

Cucumber Castle
The BeeGees, Adam Faith and Lulu feature in this short ( unreleased? ) musical film

The Deadly Bees
Ronnie Wood appears in a band
called 'The Birds'

The Dirty Dozen
Trini Lopez acts and sings

Four Stars ( **** )
Andy Warhol film with Nico

American Music
From Folk To Jazz To Pop
Documentary on music varieties including footage of The Dave Clark Five and The Supremes

I A Man
Andy Warhol film with Nico

Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore
one scene features Dud in a
recording studio

The Graduate
Music by Simon and Garfunkel

How I Won The War
Cast includes John Lennon
in a dramatic role

Christmas On Earth Continued
Footage of the British concert including performances by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine
The Move, The Who and Tomorrow. The ( unreleased? ) stock comes from the home video 'Jimi Hendrix: Live In Monterey 1970'

Greg Noll surfing documentary

The Grateful Dead
A short, fast-forward motion
documentary of one of their concerts from start to finish

Half A Sixpence
Musical starring Tommy Steele




 Cilla Black


David Bowie

The Committee
Film stars Paul Jones with music by
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
and Pink Floyd

The Lone Ranger
A 22-minute Western style award-winning short with music by Pete Townshend

The Savage Seven
Film cast includes Duane Eddy
with music by Cream and Iron Butterfly

The Bliss of Mrs Blossom
The New Vaudeville Band

Jenny, Wife, Child
Davie Allan and The Arrows

Killers Three
Merle Haggard

Bravos II
Los Bravos

Harry Nilsson

The Tigers
The Tigers ( the Japanese 'Monkees' )

Work Is A Four Letter Word
Cilla Black

Alice's Restaurant
Arlo Guthrie

The Image
David Bowie in a surreal 14 minute musical short as the ghost of an artist's model


Adventures Of The Son Of
Exploding Sausage
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Love You 'Til Tuesday
A thirty minute collection of David Bowie promo and performance
clips which includes an alternative version of 'Space Oddity'

Connecting Rooms
The Ladybirds, Eyes Of Blue

Wild Wheels
Surfers vs Bikers with soundtrack by various artists

Buddy Knox At The 100 Club
Fifteen minute film with interviews
of the rock'n'roller who performs
'Party Doll' and 'Hula Love'

Amougies Music Power
Documentary footage of the French pop festival which includes performances from Captain Beefheart, The Pretty Things, Frank Zappa
East Of Eden, Soft Machine
and The Nice

Better A Widow
The Mike Stuart Span

Cult Of The Damned
Lou Rawls

Invocation Of My Demon Brother
Short music film with Stones' Hyde Park footage and Mick Jagger score

Aretha Franklin: Soul Singer Documentary looking at the
lead up to and the performance of
a concert by the first lady of soul

Soundtrack score by Pink Floyd

Be Glad For The Song
Has No Ending
Musical documentary on
The Incredible String Band

Goodbye Columbus
New York Jewish culture drama
with music by The Association

Where's Jack?
Highwayman caper starring Tommy Steele


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