Climb Up The Wall

New Realm / Border

Michael Winner

Russ Conway, Craig Douglas and other artists

Musical revue documentary?

Because They're Young

Columbia Pictures Corporation

Paul Wendkos

Dick Clark, Victoria Shaw, Michael Callan, Tuesday Weld
Warren Berlinger, Roberta Shore, Doug McClure, Duane Eddy
James Darren, Linda Watkins, Chris Robinson
Rudy Bond, Wendell Holmes, Bart Patton

American college culture. A new teacher in the high school sets
about giving help to students with problems and ends up
falling in love with the secretary of the principal


Beat Girl ( Wild For Kicks )


Edmond T.Greville

David Farrar, Noelle Adam, Christopher Lee, Gillian Hills
Adam Faith, Shirley Anne Field

Melodrama with soundtrack music by John Barry. The film experienced delays in reaching the British cinema as it was considered quite risque. It was Adam's first film, but his second film, 'Never Let Go' actually came out first. Beat Girl was banned altogether in Italy, Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Malaya, Singapore and, for some strange reason, Warwickshire!


The Subterraneans


Ronald MacDougall

George Peppard, Janice Rule, Leslie Caron, Roddy McDowell
Anne Seymour, Jim Hutton

San Franciscan bohemian culture with music background

College Confidential


Albert Zugsmith

Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Mamie Van Doren, Rocky Marciano
Conway Twitty, Herbert Marshall

American college culture.
A professor studies the sexual habits of his students

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Bryanston / Woodfall

Karel Reisz

Albert Finney, Shirley Anne Field, Rachel Roberts, Bryan Pringle
Norman Rossington, Hylda Baker

Northern working-class culture
examining the new Sixties sexual enlightenment

Where The Boys Are

MGM / Euterpe

Henry Levin

Connie Francis, Paula Prentiss, Yvette Mimieux, George Hamilton
Dolores Hart, Jim Hutton, Frank Gorshin

American youth musical.
Four girls hang around a military post searching for conquests

Let's Get Married

Viceroy / Eros

Peter G.Scott

Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey, James Booth, Victor Maddern

Sex Kittens Go To College

Allied Artists Pictures Corporation

Produced and Directed by Albert Zugsmith

Mamie Van Doren, Tuesday Weld, Mijanou Bardot, Micky Shaughnessy
Louis Nye, Pamela Mason, Marty Milner, Charles Chaplin Jr, Allen Drake
Harold Lloyd Jr, Irwin Berke, Jody Fair, Buni Bacon, Babe London

with Guest Stars
Conway Twitty, Jackie Coogan, John Carradine, Vampira
Norman 'WooWoo' Grabowski and Abraham Q.Voltaire

An ex-stripper becomes Head of the Collins College science dept
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