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I will generally delete anything that looks 'dodgy' without even reading it . . .  
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No-one's perfect......
It is almost impossible to check all the links and images on something this large and still growing.
If you find any 'bloopers' - please let me know!

If you have a Sixties-related site suitable for linking
can provide personal reminiscences and/or material for subjects not covered yet, I'd love to hear from you

N.B. I will try to avoid overtly pornographic, sexist, racist or badly-constructed sites ( my choice! )

I'm sorry that I've had to remove the 'click to open e-mail box' option but there are a couple of reasons:
1. I'm getting far too much web-spam now
2. It's likely that I may change my internet access provider so the address update is easier to change this way.

Thanks for all the fab e-mail and info I've already received - I look forward to hearing from you.

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