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The Young Ones ( It's Wonderful To Be Young )

Associated British Pictures

Sidney J.Furie

Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Robert Morley, Carole Grey, Richard O'Sullivan, Melvyn Hayes
Gerald Harper
Teddy Green, Annette Robertson, Robertson Hare, Sonya Cordeau, Sean Sullivan
Harold Scott

Pop musical based on youth culture.
Nicky Black (Cliff Richard) spends his evenings and weekends honing his entertainment skills with his pals at Simpkins, the local youth club. He has a good but competitive relationship with his boss, his upper-crust, business-minded father, Hamilton Black (Robert Morley), that's tested to the limit when Black buys the youth club plot and announces his intention to flatten it and replace it with a business centre.

Black has no idea that his son hangs out with these 'ruffians' and they, in turn, have no idea that he's Nicky's father! Nicky, girlfriend Toni (Carole Gray) and a cast of musical local youths decide to stage a variety show to raise the money needed to save their beloved shack from the demolition men. All is going according to plan, until Black senior finds out about Dorinda (Sonya Cordeau), their star surprise guest vocalist, and steals her away from the show. With their hopes of survival dashed, the gang devise a plan to steal airtime from the BBC to promote both their club and Nicky's undoubted talents with pop music. The show is staged to raise the cash and poor old Hamilton is kidnapped to keep him from stopping it taking place.

Play It Cool

Lynx Films Ltd

Michael Winner

Billy Fury and The Tornadoes, Ray Brooks, Bernie Winters, Richard Wattis, Michael Anderson Jr
Monty Landis, Felicity Young, Anna Palk, Danny Williams, Shane Fenton and The Fentones, Bobby Vee
Helen Shapiro, Jimmy Crawford, Lionel Blair and his Dancers

Youth culture musical about the adventures of a pop group involved with a runaway heiress as they search through Soho trying to find her two-timing boyfriend

The Teenage Millionaire

United Artists

Lawrence Doheny

Chubby Checker, Jimmy Clanton, Dion DiMucci, Maurice Gosfield, Sid Gould, Rocky Graziano
Marv Johnson, Bill Black's Combo, Jackie Wilson

A teenager, with a millionaire father who owns a radio station,
becomes a pop star

Disneyland After Dark

Walt Disney Productions

Louis Armstrong, Bobby Rydell, Annette Funicello,Kid Ory and The Osmonds

Teenagers horse around on the attractions in this
promotional fun film made for television

One Man's Challenge


Dale Smallin

John Danglius, Roger Christian, Johnny Crawford

West coast culture film about the teen surf explosion in the Los Angeles area. Essentially it can be described as a step by step instructional film on how to form a teenage surf club. Artists featured are The Genteels, The Beach Boys and The Surfaris

Band Of Thieves


Peter Bezencenet

Acker Bilk, Maudie Edwards, Peter Haigh, Charmian Innes, Jennifer Jayne, Arthur Mullard
Norrie Paramor

Music-based crime story

It's Trad Dad ( Ring-A-Ding Rhythm )


Richard Lester

Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas, Chubby Checker, Gene Vincent, Del Shannon, John Leyton
The Brook Brothers, Gary U.S. Bonds, Gene McDaniels, Chris Barber and his Jazz Band
Ottilie Patterson, Mr Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, The Temperance Seven
Bob Wallis and his Storyville Jazzmen, Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
Terry Lightfoot
and his Jazz Band, Alan Freeman, Arnold Diamond, Arthur Mullard, Bruce Lacey
David Jacobs, Derek Nimmo, Deryck Guyler, Felix Felton, Frank Thornton, Hugh Lloyd
Mario Fabrizi, Peter Murray, Ronnie Stevens, The Paris Sisters, Sounds Incorporated
The Dukes of Dixieland, Timothy Bateson

Musical Direction by Norrie Paramor

Youth culture musical.
Helen and Craig organise a music show

The Main Attraction

Seven Arts

Daniel Petrie

Pat Boone, Mai Zetterling, Nancy Kwan, Yvonne Mitchell, John LeMesurier

Circus-based love story with easy listening pop music

A Kind Of Loving

Anglo-Amalgamated / Waterhall / Vic Films

John Schlesinger

Alan Bates, June Ritchie, Thora Hird, Bert Palmer, Gwen Nelson

Northern urban working-class culture melodrama

Paul Anka - not from film

Lonely Boy ( Paul Anka '62 )

National Film Board Of Canada

Wolf Koenig and Roman Kroitor

Biographical film tracing the career of Paul Anka who stars

Tornados - not from film

Farewell Performance


Robert Tronson

Heinz Burt, The Tornados, David Kernan, Delphi Lawrence, Frederick Jaeger, Derek Francis
Alfred Burke, John Kelland, Toni Gilpin, James Copeland, Ron Perry

Crime thriller movie with musical cameos, notably the late, great Heinz

Some People

AIP / Vic Films

Clive Donner

Kenneth More, Ray Brooks, Annika Wills, David Andrews, Angela Douglas, David Hemmings
Fanny Carby, Harry M. Corbett, Richard Davis, Frankie Dymon, Fred Ferris, Michael Gwynn
Cyril Luckham, Kenneth C. Moore, Timothy Nightingale, Dean Webb

Youth culture with music by Ron Grainer and Johnny Worth. Instead of hanging about with the gangs on motorcycles a group of four teenage layabouts are kept out of trouble by being persuaded to form a pop group. Features an appearance by instrumental group The Eagles

Don't Knock The Twist

Columbia Pictures Corporation

Oscar Rudolph

Chubby Checker, Gene Chandler, Vic Dana, Linda Scott, Lang Jefferies

Twist craze vehicle. A TV executive puts together a 'Twist Spectacular' to beat rivals

The Boys

Gala / Columbia

Sidney J.Furie

Richard Todd, Robert Morley, Felix Aylmer, Dudley Sutton, Robert Lacey, Jess Conrad, Wilfrid Brambell

General Sixties culture film in which four youths from London's East End are put on trial at the Old Bailey for for killing a garage attendant. Because of their teddy boy clothes people assume the worst and the prosecution argues accordingly. The film balances this with an excellent case from the defence counsel. The setting is authentic and the film presents a serious examination of British justice in the light of the controversy surrounding capital punishment at that time, leading to the eventual abolition of the death penalty in 1965.

Memorable soundtrack music by The Shadows

More 1962 films which I plan to expand upon in future updates. Any pictures or info you have on these would be most welcome!

The Hellions
Marty Wilde

Wild Westerners
Duane Eddy stars and provides the title theme

Two Tickets To Paris
Joey Dee and The Starliters

Ten Girls Ago

Wild Guitar
Arch Hall Jr

State Fair
Cast includes Pat Boone and Bobby Darin

The Painted Smile
Craig Douglas

Arch Hall Jr

Water Logged
Bruce Brown Surfing documentary

Gone With The Wave
Phil Wilson surfing documentary with music by Lalo Schifrin


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