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Sixties Pop and Youth Culture Movies - About These Pages

Travel back in time through the magic of the movies. This is a collection of titles that should revive a few of your local fleapit back row memories or give you a flavour
of what the Sixties were like, both here and in the U.S.A. in terms of music and various cultures, but primarily Pop and Youth. As ever, it's a purely arbitrary selection
with a lot of my personal favourites and, of course, I'd be happy to hear from you with suggestions as to any other movies that you think should be here.

The general criteria used for selection is:

Films featuring Sixties cultures in the U.K. and U.S.A.
Documentaries or story lines about pop and rock music
Films with pop and rock music featured or in the soundtrack
Films with pop and rock stars appearing in them

The films are sorted by 'year' only and there may be some dispute here as it depends on whether it was the production year,
U.K. release year or U.S. release year. I can't say which for sure, but they're pretty close.

The presentation format used is:


  ( alternative or U.S.A. title )
Production or distribution company
  ( if known )
  ( if known )
Cast list
  ( if known )
Storyline and / or artists appearing
  ( if known )

 Click on the thumbnail ( if any ) to see a larger version of that picture - there may be more stills or poster pictures in the Image Gallery

sadly means I don't have a picture at the moment. If you can help fill the gaps, please e-mail me

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