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Thunder Alley ( Hell Drivers )


Richard Rush

Stanley Adams, Maureen Arthur, Frankie Avalon, Michael Bell, Warren Berlinger, Fabian
Annette Funicello, Kip King, Diane McBain, Michael T. Mikler, Jan Murray, Sandy Reed

American West Coast youth stock-car culture.
Fabian's lousy driving gets him suspended from racing

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

United Artists / Giant

Clive Donner

Barry Evans, Judy Geeson, Angela Scoular, Adrienne Posta, Sheila White, Michael Bates
Maxine Audley, Vanessa Howard, Denholm Elliott, Moyra Fraser

One of the classic Swinging Sixties youth culture movies.
Artists: The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Stevie Winwood and general pop music background

Thirty Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia

Columbia / Walter Shenson

Joe McGrath

Dudley Moore, Eddie Foy Jr, Suzy Kendall, John Bird, Duncan MacRae, Patricia Routledge

Sixties culture movie.
A shy nightclub pianist has girl trouble

Mondo Hollywood

Omega - Cyrano

Carl Cohen

A documentary-style film on the swingin' Hollywood culture, music and personalities of the mid-Sixties. Making appearances are

Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, Sean Connery, Bridgit Bardot, Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor,
Alfred Hitchcock, LSD guru Dr. Richard Alpert, Rudi Gernreich, Valerie Porter, Ronald Reagan
Frank Zappa, Manson victim hair stylist Jay Sebring and Manson Gang member Bobby Beausoliel

The soundtrack is by Mike Curb, mostly using acts from his own 'Sidewalk' record label including
The Mugwump Establishment, Teddy and Darrell, Davie Allan and The Arrows, The Riptides
Bobby Jameson, The God Pan, Darrell Dee, The 18th Century Concepts and Mike Clifford

Catalina Caper

Crown-International Pictures

Lee Sholem

Tommy Kirk, Del Moore, Peter Duryea, Robert Donner, Ulla Stromstedt, Jim Begg, Michael Blodgett
Venita Wolf, Peter Mamakos, Sue Casey, Brian Cutler, Lyle Waggoner, Lee Deane, Bonnie Lomann
Britt Nilsson, Donna Russell, Carol Connors, Timothy Garland, Little Richard

Best described as a beach culture movie with music.
The mixed-up plot involves an art theft as the main theme but also contains a love story and various other youth culture sequences interspersed with songs and dance numbers

              Johnny Cash


Patchke Productions

Murray Lerner

Documentary movie on country and folk music festivals with appearances by Joan Baez, Paul Butterfield
Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Cousin Emmy, Mimi Farina, Buffy Sainte-Marie
Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry

Mondo Mod

Box Office International

Peter Perry

Narrated by Humble Harve

A documentary film on pre-hippie Hollywood club culture, containing footage of Sixties night clubs such as Pandora's Box, Gazzarri's, The Whisky A-Go-Go and The Fifth Estate among many others.

Featured music is by Sam the Soul and The Inspirations, The Group and The Gretschmen

Hell's Angels On Wheels


Richard Rush

Adam Roarke, Jack Nicholson, Sabrina Scharf, Sonny Barger, Jana Taylor, Richard Anders
John Garwood

Semi-documentary Hell's Angels / Biker cult movie notably including real-life Hell's Angels president
Sonny Barger and a group called The Poor

C'Mon Let's Live A Little


David Butler

Bobby Vee, Jackie DeShannon, Eddie Hodges, Suzie Kaye, Patsy Kelly, John Ireland Jr
Russ Conway, Mark Evans, Jill Banner

American college culture film.
Boy meets girl, romances girl, is led astray by radical student. Got it?

Don't Look Back

Leacock - Pennebaker - Cowboy Pictures


Derroll Adams, Joan Baez, Tito Burns, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Allen Ginsberg
Albert Grossman, Bob Neuwirth, Alan Price

Documentary and performances from Bob Dylan's 1965 tour of England, accompanied by legendary manager, Albert Grossman, folk singer Joan Baez, various groupies, journalists and hangers-on.

Mini Weekend


Georges Robin

Eve Aubrey, Patti Bryant, Rosalind Elliot, Connie Frazer, Avril Gaynor, Maria Hauffer, Veronica Lang
Jane MacIntosh, Anna Palk, Liza Robers, Kathleen Southern, Lucy Swain, Anthony Trent

Youth culture comedy drama made in black and white

not from film

The Seekers Down Under

E.M.I. Music ( Australia )

Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger, Bruce Woodley

In their second semi-travelog musical film the group take you on another sightseeing tour around
Australia, this time filming on location at Barossa Valley (South Australia), Melbourne (Victoria)
Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) and Sydney (New South Wales)

The Sweet Ride


Harvey Hart

Jacqueline Bisset, Tony Franciosa, Michael Sarrazin, Bob Denver, Michael Wilding

Late Sixties surf culture movie.
Californian surf drop-outs and beachcombers with music by Moby Grape

Girl On A Motorcycle ( Naked Under Leather )

MidAtlantic / Ares

Jack Cardiff

Marianne Faithfull, Alain Delon, Roger Mutton

Cult semi-porn Sixties culture film. A married woman visits her lover on her motorcycle, eventually crashing to her death while in the throes of a sexual reverie. Long series of still images. Very surreal

The Fastest Guitar Alive

MGM / Sam Katzman

Michael Moore

Roy Orbison, Sammy Jackson, Maggie Pierce, Joan Freeman, Lyle Bettger, Jean Doucette, Ben Lessy

Comedy western film with music. Inept Confederate soldiers, including the Big 'O' as a singing Southern spy with a bullet-firing guitar, are sent on a gold-carrying mission

The Cool Ones ( Cool Baby, Cool! )

Warner Brothers

Gene Nelson

Roddy McDowell, Debbie Watson, Robert Coote, Phil Harris, Nita Talbot, Gil Peterson
Glen Campbell, Teri Garr

Musical comedy, with choreography by Toni Basil, sending up the 'trendy' music business.
A former pop singer makes a comeback and a frustrated go-go dancer on the 'Whizbam!'
TV show creates a new dance craze, "The Tantrum," when she grabs the mic from Glen Campbell.
Performances by Lee Hazelwood, The Leaves and the underage 'Bantams'.

not from film

Good Times

Motion Picture International

William Friedkin

Sonny and Cher, George Sanders, Norman Alden, Larry Duran

Hollywood / West Coast culture movie. A singing duo fantasise about having a film career

Poor Cow

Anglo-Amalgamated / Vic Films / Fenchurch

Ken Loach

Carol White, Terence Stamp, John Bindon, Kate Williams, Queenie Watts

London low-life semi-documentary about a young mother and her criminal husband.
Lyrics to the title song are provided by Donovan


Universal / Worldfilm Services / Memorial Enterprises

Peter Watkins

Paul Jones, Jean Shrimpton, Mark London, Max Bacon, Jeremy Child, James Cossins, Victor Henry

Fantasy Sixties pop culture where a pop star's publicity turns him into a kind of religious messiah

Magical Mystery Tour

Apple Corporation

George Harrison / John Lennon

The Beatles, Jan Carson, Shirley Evans, George Claydon, Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall, Victor Spinetti

Swinging Sixties culture pop movie made for television.
The 'Fab Four' take a surreal bus ride across the U.K.

Don't Make Waves

MGM / Filmways

Alexander Mackendrick

Tony Curtis, Claudia Cardinale, Robert Webber, Joanna Barnes, Sharon Tate, Jim Backus, Mort Sahl

Malibu Beach culture comedy film

The Happening

Columbia / Horizon / Dover

Eliot Silverstein

Anthony Quinn, George Maharis, Michael Parks, Faye Dunaway, Robert Walker, Oscar Homolka

Swinging Sixties hippie culture.
Hippies kidnap a businessman but lose the plot and it all goes to pieces

Smashing Time

Paramount / Partisan / Carlo Ponti

Desmond Davis

Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, Ian Carmichael, Anna Quayle, Michael York, Irene Handl, Jeremy Lloyd

Swinging London culture comedy film

The Jokers

Universal / Adastra / Gildor / Scimitar

Michael Winner

Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed, Harry Andrews, Peter Graves, Gabriella Licudi, Warren Mitchell

Swinging London culture satire / crime comedy about a pair of rich brothers
who make the rounds of posh parties playing increasingly
elaborate practical jokes, resulting in a plan to 'borrow' the crown jewels

To Sir With Love


James Clavell

Sidney Poitier, Christian Roberts, Judy Geeson, Suzy Kendall, Lulu
Patricia Routledge, Geoffrey Bayldon, Lulu

Youth culture movie classic with music, considered to be the inspiration for the 'Please Sir' TV series.
The second British attempt at a version of 'The Blackboard Jungle' with Sidney Poitier as the teacher
trying to achieve a better relationship with his students.
Featured artists are Lulu, with the title song hit, and The Mindbenders

Blast-Off Girls

Creative Film Enterprises

Herschell Gordon Lewis

Dan Conway, Ray Sager, Tom Tyrell, Tom Liace, Dennis Hickey, Chris Wolsky, Ralph Mullin
Harland Sanders, Sherri Lane, Sharon Camille, Ann Heath, Julia Ames, Sally Tenerelli, Sarasue Gleiss
Barbara Harrison, Lawrence J. Aberwood, Neil Julien, Don Logay, Jack Horner, Steve White
Tom Eppolito, Bob Compton, Roy Barry, Tony Sorci

A sleazy pop promoter signs up pop band The Big Blast and fast-tracks their career with a bunch of hired girls who use their talents on his opponents to help him achieve his objectives. The band become unhappy with his 'cut' of the profits and try to leave but, nice guy that he is, he really starts to get to work and sets them up for trouble with the law, blackmailing them to sign a new contract if he helps them out. The highlight is a cameo by Col. Harlan Sanders who offers the band all the fried chicken they can eat if they will set up and play in his restaurant. Featuring music from The Faded Blue, Charlie, The Wildcats and The Blast-Off Girls .

Riot On Sunset Strip


Arthur Dreifuss

Aldo Ray, Mimsy Farmer, Michael Evans, Laurie Mock, Tim Rooney, Bill Baldwyn, George Carey
Schuyler Haydn, Gene Kirkwood, Anna Mizrahi, Hortense Petra

West coast culture film dealing weakly with the mid-Sixties riots and wild goings-on in Hollywood discotheques tied together loosely with a storyline about a policeman's concern when his daughter
gets involved in the hippie drug scene.

Music features The Standells, The Chocolate Watch Band and The Enemies
who later evolved into Three Dog Night

Hell On Wheels

Distributed by Crown International Pictures and Loonic Video

Will Zens

Marty Robbins, John Ashley, Gigi Perreau, Connie Smith, The Stonemans, Eddie Crandall
Robert Dornan, Chris Eland, Robert Foulk, Frank Gerstle, Marvin Miller

Essentially an American stock-car racing movie with music

Andy Warhol

Bike Boy

Vaughan / Factory films

Andy Warhol

Viva, Ingrid Superstar, Bridgit Polk, Joe Spencer, Ed Hood

Warhol's cult film on New York low-life culture.

The Love-Ins

Columbia Pictures Corporation

Arthur Dreifuss

Richard Todd, James MacArthur, Susan Oliver, Mark Goddard, Carol Booth, Marc Cavell
Janee Michelle, Ronnie Eckstine, Joe Pyne

Hippie culture film mirroring the alleged activities of Timothy Leary.
A college professor moves to Haight-Ashbury and starts a cult by becoming the older 'guru' to a group of young hippies. Needless to say, the path to enlightenment involves him having his wicked way with several of the better-looking acolytes and advocating the use of LSD.

Psychedelic sequences are accompanied by music from
The Chocolate Watch Band, The U.F.O.s and The New Age Group

Tonite Let's All Make Love In London


Peter Whitehead

Mick Jagger, Andrew Loog Oldham, Julie Christie, Michael Caine, Lee Marvin, David Hockney
Alan Aldridge

A documentary drama film on the swingin' London culture
with music and appearances by The Stones, Pink Floyd, Twice As Much, Vashti
Eric Burdon and The Animals, The Small Faces and Chris Farlowe

Mondo Teeno ( The Teenage Rebellion )

British sequences directed by Richard Lester

A documentary on youth cultures around the world narrated by Burt Topper.

The title song is by The Glass Family and the soundtrack is by Mike Curb and Bob Summers

The Touchables

Robert Freeman

Pop-art swingin' Sixties youth culture film in which four swinging dolly birds in an inflatable dome kidnap a good-looking young pop star for fun - theirs! The theme music is by Nirvana and additional soundtrack music comes from Wynder K. Frog, The Ferris Wheel and Roy Redman.

This is the only full feature film that Beatles photographer
Robert Freeman directed

It's A Bikini World

Trans American

Stephanie Rothman

Jack Bernardi, Sid Haig, Suzie Kaye, Tommy Kirk, William O'Connell, Bob Pickett. Deborah Walley

Beach culture comedy film featuring The Animals performing 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place'

Dora Bryan - from
'A Taste Of Honey'

Two A Penny

World Wide

James F.Collier

Cliff Richard, Dora Bryan, Ann Holloway, Avril Angers, Geoffrey Bayldon, Peter Barkworth

Youth drugs culture religious propaganda curiosity.
Billy Graham plays a cameo role in this film which casts Cliff as a drug-dealing pop star.

Songs by Cliff include 'Twist and Shout' and 'Questions'

Cucumber Castle
The BeeGees, Adam Faith and Lulu feature in this short ( unreleased? ) musical film

The Deadly Bees
Ronnie Wood appears in a band called 'The Birds'

The Dirty Dozen
Trini Lopez acts and sings

Four Stars ( **** )
Andy Warhol film with Nico

American Music From Folk To Jazz To Pop
Documentary on music varieties including footage of The Dave Clark Five and The Supremes

I A Man
Andy Warhol film with Nico

Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore - one scene features Dud in a recording studio

The Graduate
Music by Simon and Garfunkel

How I Won The War
Cast includes John Lennon in a dramatic role

Christmas On Earth Continued
Footage of the British concert including performances by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine
The Move, The Who and Tomorrow. The ( unreleased? ) stock comes from the home video 'Jimi Hendrix: Live In Monterey 1970'

Greg Noll surfing documentary

The Grateful Dead
A short, fast-forward motion documentary of one of their concerts from start to finish

Half A Sixpence
Musical starring Tommy Steele


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