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Carry On Constable
Anglo-Amalgamated / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Norman Hudis
Music: Bruce Montgomery

Made at Pinewood Studios and on location in Ealing

A sort of British 'Keystone Cops' with sound. Anarchy and disorganised but inspired lunacy down at the local nick. Funny how nothing changes - or is it just life imitating art? Sid James stars as the long-suffering Sergeant Wilkins who has been given the job of training four new cadets . . . . and they are turning out to be every bit as bad as he feared!

Shooting began 9th November 1959      Debut: Sid James
Although usually strictly sticking to a script, the occasional ad-lib sometimes crept in and was allowed to stay.
In the scene where Charles Hawtrey rises from bed talking to his budgie, he kicks a chamber pot which refuses to stay still and shouts at it "Be quiet!".


Sidney James, Eric Barker, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams, Leslie Phillips, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques, Shirley Eaton, Cyril Chamberlain,
Joan Hickson, Irene Handl, Terence Longden, Jill Adams, Freddie Mills, Brian Oulton, Victor Maddern, Joan Young, Esma Cannon,
Hilda Fenemore, Noel Dyson,
Robin Ray, Dorinda Stevens, Tom Gill, Frank Forsyth, John Antrobus, Michael Balfour, Diane Aubrey, Ian Curry, Mary Law, Lucy Griffiths, Eric Corrie,
Peter Bennett, Jack Taylor, Eric Boon, Janetta Lake

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