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Several of the 'Carry On' films were not originally planned as part of the series but were subsequently retitled to include them as the cast and production crew were basically the standard 'Carry On' team. There were at least four other productions which were 'Carry On' films in all but actual name but which were not subsequently blessed with the retitling that would have allowed them to be included in the official series list. ' Nurse On Wheels' might be considered a fifth.

Watch Your Stern (1960)    Raising The Wind (1961)    Twice Round The Daffodils (1962)    The Big Job (1965)

The only 'official' Sixties television 'Carry On' production was a 1969 Christmas special, but there was also a little-remembered 1960 comedy series which bore more than a passing resemblance to the genre . . . .

        Carry On Christmas (Thames Television 1969)                    Our House (ABC Television 1960 - 1962)

Watch Your Stern (1960 - 88mins)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Written by Alan Hackney and Vivian A. Cox
Produced by Peter Rogers
Original music by Bruce Montgomery
Cinematography by Ted Scaife
Film Editing by John Shirley
Art Direction by Carmen Dillon

The hapless and accident-prone O/S Blissworth (played by Kenneth Connor) gets involved in a top secret test on an new acoustic torpedo which, when fired, misses the target and blows up the ship that fired it! An Admiralty scientist is sent to modify the design, but to do this they need the blueprints, one of which has been lost and the other destroyed. Blissworth is forced into impersonating a female scientist in order to bluff the Admiral with some phoney plans.


Eric Barker, Richard Bennett, Michael Brennan, Kenneth Connor, Eric Corrie, Ed Devereaux, Peter Howell, Hattie Jacques, Sid James,
David Lodge, Rory MacDermot, Victor Maddern, Spike Milligan, Leslie Phillips, Noel Purcell, Joan Sims, Eric Sykes

Raising The Wind (1961)


Anglo-Amalgamated Productions

Producer: Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas

Written by Bruce Montgomery


A group of students studying at an elite music college decide to get together and rent a flat in order to cut their living costs and have somewhere to practice their music. They get into quite a few scrapes, in true 'Carry On' style, including the impersonation of a celebrity quintet. The big problem comes when However when Mervyn (Leslie Phillips) 'accidentally' sells a very catchy popular tune to an advertising agency and stands to lose his scholarship unless he and his pals can somehow raise the money to buy it back. A 'Carry On' version of 'Doctor In The House' set in a music college - the best of all worlds.


Liz Fraser, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Eric Barker, Esma Cannon, Joan Hickson, Jill Ireland, Jim Dale, Ambrosine Philpotts, Dorinda Stevens, Jennifer Jayne,
James Robertson Justice, Geoffrey Keen, David Lodge, Victor Maddern, Paul Massie, Lance Percival, Leslie Phillips, Jimmy Thompson, Esma Cannon, Douglas Ives,
John Antrobus, Nigel Arkwright, Peter Berton, Peter Byrne, Cyril Chamberlain, Erik Chitty, Tom Clegg, Henry Davies, Frank Forsyth, Terence Holland, Peter Howell, Bernard Hunter, Oliver Johnston, Kenneth Kove Michael Miller, Michael Nightingale, Brian Oulton, Horace Sequiera, Charles Stanley, Bob Todd, Ian Wilson,
George Woodbridge

Twice Round The Daffodils (1962)
Anglo-Amalgamated Productions

Producer: Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas

Music: Edmund Crispin

Writers: Jack Beale, Patrick Cargill (original play)
Norman Hudis

Not exactly a comedy, but not exactly serious either. There are four stereotypical new arrivals at Lenton Tuberculosis Sanitorium. Inevitably, the irrepressible Kenneth Williams undermines any real attempt at seriousness or, indeed, apparently any real hospital treatment as not a single doctor is seen in the entire film. The action highlights of the film are the smuggling in of food and their inept attempts to romance the nurses. Curiously, three of them actually succeed......


Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Sheila Hancock, Donald Houston, Renee Houston, Jill Ireland, Ronald Lewis, Juliette Mills, Nanette Newman, Lance Percival,
Mary Powell, Andrew Ray, Amanda Reiss, Donald Sinden, Barbara Roscoe, Olwen Brookes, Frank Forsyth, Nora Gordon, Peter Jesson

The Big Job (1965 - 88mins)

Produced by Peter Rogers
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Sid James
Sylvia Syms
Jim Dale
Dick Emery
Joan Sims
Lance Percival
Deryck Guyler
Edina Ronay


A group of criminals led by George Brain carry out a bank robbery and get away with 15,000. However, not everything goes according to plan and the police catch them as they make their getaway, forcing George to stash the money in a hollow tree. Failing to escape from their subsequent prison sentence, they are released 15 years later and immediately set off to search for the tree however, a new town has since been built on the open fields. The good news is that the tree is still there - the bad news? It is now standing in the yard of a police station! The gang rent rooms in digs across the street to figure out exactly how they are going to get at their loot.......

Our House
ABC Television 1960 - 1962

Written by: Norman Hudis

39 episodes
Series One (13 x 55 mins)
11th September - 4th December 1960
Sundays at 3.25pm

Series Two (26 x 45 mins)
16th September 1961 - 21st April 1962
Fortnightly then weekly on Saturdays at 7.40pm

This was a comedy series written by 'Carry On' film writer Norman Hudis about a 'mutually-owned' house and the not totally unexpectedly bizarre antics of its various residents, two couples and five individuals, as they were the artists who formed the backbone of the 'Carry On' film team.

It ran for three 'seasons', 39 episodes, but only the first season and seven episodes of the second season were shown nationally. The other episodes were only shown by a few ITV regions and have not been transmitted since.

The only known surviving episodes are "Simply Simon", "A Thin Time" and "Love To Georgina". The others are believed to have been 'wiped' in the great tape purge of the early Sixties.


Norman Rossington
(Gordon Brent), Joan Sims (Daisy Burke), Ina de la Hayes (Mrs. Iliffe), Frank Pettingell (Captain Iliffe), Bernard Bresslaw (William Singer),
Frederick Peisley (Herbert Keane), Leigh Madison (Marcia Hatton), Trader Faulkner (Stephen Hatton), Hattie Jacques (Georgina Ruddy),
Hylda Baker
and Charles Hawtrey as Simon Willow

Carry On Christmas
Thames Television

Writer: Talbot Rothwell

Director: Ronnie Baxter

Producer: Peter Eton

Other Shows (episodes in brackets)

Talbot Rothwell - Writer (3,4)
Sid Colin - Writer (2)
Dave Freeman - Writer (2, 3)
Ronnie Baxter - Director (3)
Alan Tarrant - Director (2)
Ronald Fouracre - Director (4)
Peter Eton - Executive Producer (2)
Peter Rogers - Executive Producer (3, 4)
Alan Tarrant - Producer (2)
Gerald Thomas - Producer (3, 4)


The 'Carry-On Team' did a TV special series of four one-hour shows with festive themes for Thames Television. The first one, in 1969, generically called 'Carry On Christmas' (the actual production being titled 'Ghosts Of Christmas') was transmitted at 9:15pm on 24th December and was loosely based on Charles Dickens' classic 'A Christmas Carol'.

Of the other three, 1970 was a pantomime-style parody of Treasure Island titled 'Carry On Again Christmas: Carry On Long John' with Barbara Windsor playing the unlikely part of cabin boy Jim Hawkins. 1972 was an anthology of Christmas stories titled 'Carry On Christmas: Carry On Stuffing' and 1973, the last, was a Carry On-style rewrite of history which reverted to the simple title of 'Carry On Christmas'.

CAST LIST (episodes in brackets)

Barbara Windsor (1-4), Sid James (1,2,4), Bernard Bresslaw (1,2,4), Peter Butterworth (1,3,4), Kenneth Connor (2-4), Terry Scott (1,2), Charles Hawtrey (1,2), Hattie Jacques (1,3), Frankie Howerd (1),
Bob Todd (2), Joan Sims (3,4), Jack Douglas (3,4),
Brian Oulton (3),
Wendy Richard (2), Norman Rossington (3), Julian Holloway (4)


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