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Carry On Follow That Camel

Rank / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios and on location
at Camber Sands, Sussex

Bertram Oliphant, an English gentleman wrongly accused of poor etiquette at cricket (oh surely not!) tries to join the Foreign Legion to atone for his 'crimes' but is suspected of being a spy by the monocled Legion Kommandant Burger. Life at Fort Zuassantneuf is not all peeled grapes and belly dancing, although a remarkably large portion of it does seem inclined in that direction, notably by Anita Harris. After winning back his honour by his 'bravery' during an attack on the
fort by the mad Arabs led by Sheikh Abdul Abulbul, the triumphant Oliphant returns to the arms of his English rose, Lady Jane Ponsonby, played by Angela Douglas.
Like the previous film, this was also not immediately given a 'Carry On' title for some time, just being called 'Follow That Camel' hence the strange-sounding name which somehow doesn't sound quite right. Shooting started spring 1967. Debut: Anita Harris, Julian Holloway. This was also Phil Silvers' first British film and his only 'Carry On'


Phil Silvers, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Peter Butterworth, Anita Harris, Bernard Bresslaw, Angela Douglas, Peter Gilmore,
John Bluthal, William Mervyn, Julian Holloway, Larry Taylor, William Hurndell, David Glover, Julian Orchard, Vincent Ball, Peter Jesson, Gertan Klauber,
Richard Montez, Frank Singuineau, Simon Cain, Michael Nightingale, Harold Kasket, Edmund Pegge, Carol Sloan, Gina Gianelli, Dominique Don,
Anne Scott, Margot Maxine, Patsy Snell, Zorenah Osborne, Karen Young, Gina Warwick, Angie Grant, Sally Douglas, Helga Jones

Carry On Doctor
Rank / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios

Hospital patients, particularly the bogus faith healer Francis Bigger, revolt against the tyranny of matron Hattie Jacques when their favourite doctor is sacked for dubious reasons. What with watches being left inside patients during operations, the practices of the appropriately-named Dr. Kilmore and the famous daffodil in the . . .
somewhat inconvenient place gag, this could be reissued as a National Health training film. It brings a whole new meaning to the expression 'rude health'


The first officially-titled 'Carry On' film by the Rank/Rogers team. Penny Keith makes an early career appearance given the magnificent billing of 'Plain Nurse'
Shooting started Autumn 1967
    Debuts: Frankie Howerd, Dandy Nichols, Deryck Guyler, Peter Jones


Frankie Howerd, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Anita Harris, Bernard Bresslaw,
Peter Butterworth, June Jago, Derek Francis, Dandy Nichols, Peter Jones, Deryck Guyler, Gwendolyn Watts, Dilys Laye, Peter Gilmore, Harry Locke,
Marianne Stone, Jean St. Clair, Valerie Van Ost, Julian Orchard, Brian Wilde, Lucy Griffiths, Pat Coombs, Gertan Klauber, Julian Holloway, Jenny White,
Helen Ford, Gordon Rollings, Simon Cain, Penelope Keith, Cheryl Molineaux, Alexandra Dane, Bart Allison, Jane Murdoch, Stephen Garlick

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