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The 'Carry On' series of films started almost as a form of slapstick, using a variety of contrived situations and one-liners for their humour. The reduction in sexual inhibitions and taboos triggered by the 'new freedom' of the Sixties allowed the series to blossom, using increasingly more risque visuals and double-entendres to become the cinematic equivalent of saucy postcards. The Sixties films mainly relied on their audience to extrude the humour of the situations in whatever way they found to be most acceptable which is why, although not very 'PC' today, they are still well-loved.
The humour, generally, is mostly unsubtle and, at times, even childish, producing more in the way of quick-fire giggles rather than outright belly laughs. The rather loose plots were designed to link increasingly more unlikely, contrived situations and the almost telepathic interaction and comedic timing between the well-established regular 'team', sprinkled with some remarkably varied selections of 'guest stars' (many of whom subsequently became regulars) turned 'Carry On' into an art form in itself. Love them or hate them, they can only
be described as brilliant and unique. Many of the regular cast are sadly no longer with us, but the jokes are timeless and will, no doubt, 'Carry On' providing lighthearted entertainment for each new generation that discovers them.


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